Your jewellery box can be as extensive as you wish it to be and you can and should own all the pieces of jewellery that you love, but there are 3 must-haves that every beautiful woman should own in order for her wardrobe to be complete.

  • Diamond studs
  • Diamond pendant
  • Diamond bangle

Diamond studs

Timeless, elegant, easy, these are all adjectives that describe the first piece of jewellery every woman should have, diamond studs.

They are beautiful, they give that little touch of brilliance to every outfit.

Whether you like the classic round shaped diamond in red gold, or you prefer a princess cut in platinum, the idea is to have studs that are not too small or too large, preferably between 0.30ct to 0.75ct each stone. Larger 1.00ct diamonds are of course amazing, but if you wish to wear them daily, we would recommend slightly smaller.

The quality needs to be nice, possibly G to H colour which is not the top of the range but considered near colourless, and the clarity should be around VS2-SI1 which means very slightly included to slightly included which are the most commercial grades and look fabulous on your ears.

Diamond pendant

The diamond pendant is essential to your wardrobe because a discreet necklace with a diamond can be worn literally at every occasion without thinking about it.

You can choose a solitaire diamond for that extra sparkle or a slightly more elaborate pendant set with many small diamonds for a more romantic and stylish design.

Again, in terms of the diamond quality, we would recommend the commercial quality, especially for the smaller diamonds. For the larger solitaire diamond pendant, a G colour, VS2 clarity would be just perfect.

Diamond bangle

The third but not last piece of jewellery all women should own, is the modern and elegant diamond bangle. You all know the tennis bracelet that has been throughout the years the gift of choice for many of us, but lately the diamond bangle has caught the eye of women around the world.

It is a rigid bracelet, that is set with beautiful round diamonds, either with diamonds half set, or set around the whole bracelet. The effect is fabulous, like a river of diamonds on your skin.

For these three pieces of jewellery and more, you need to visit BAUNAT’s online catalogue. You can find exquisite jewellery set in white, red or yellow 18kt gold and platinum. Classic as well as designer jewellery, to fulfil all your jewellery dreams.

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