Did you know that engagement rings are surrounded by a whole host of folklore and superstition about luck and love? If you’ve ever wondered about some of the most common engagement ring superstitions and myths, continue reading to learn more.

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What are Some of the Common Engagement Ring Superstitions & Myths?

It’s commonly believed that engagement rings carry the luck of a marriage. A second-hand engagement ring that is passed down through family members or purchased from a vintage jeweller is believed to pass down the joy or suffering of the marriage that came before.

When it comes time to wear your new engagement ring, it is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This tradition can be traced back to Ancient Rome, where it was believed that the "Vein of Love" connects the finger with the heart.

If your engagement ring is loose fitting or uncomfortable, your ring may be more likely to be lost or broken. Most people will agree, a lost or damaged engagement ring is certainly bad luck.

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What is an Engagement Ring Wish Tradition?

After your proposal and once you announce your happy news to your friends and family members, women you meet might ask if they can make a wish by swirling your engagement ring three times around their finger. This is commonly known as the ‘engagement ring wish tradition’.

The gemstones you pick for your engagement ring are also thought to hold unique superstitious properties.

  • Diamond - considered to represent affection. Diamonds are thought to be a symbol of certainty and security that comes with being in a committed relationship.
  • Sapphire - believed to bring a happy marriage.
  • Aquamarine - also believed to bring a long and happy marriage.
  • Emeralds - considered to bring marital bliss, and some cultures believed emeralds have aphrodisiac properties. Natural aphrodisiacs in engagement rings may bring on sexual and intimate desires.
  • Pearls - traditionally avoided, thought to bring tears to a marriage if used as the gemstone on an engagement ring. 

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Is it Bad Luck to Lose Your Engagement Ring?

It’s widely believed that losing an engagement ring is a sign of coming misfortune. If the unimaginable does happen, you can avoid any bad omens by replacing the lost engagement ring with another as soon as possible.

For peace of mind, you should always insure your engagement ring (and that includes all other jewellery you own too!) for its current market value. When choosing the right insurance policy for your engagement ring remember to consider price, cover excess as well as policy conditions towards accidental loss.

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