• Why opt for an engagement ring with a diamond?
  • What meanings do the sapphire, ruby and emerald represent?
  • How are gemstones different to semi-precious stones?

Did you know that every gemstone is linked to a certain month and that these each have their own meaning and symbolism? Couples will often decide which stone to include in their wedding rings based on this meaning and symbolism. But which gemstone would be best for your engagement ring?


Why opt for an engagement ring with a diamond?

The diamond has been loved for many centuries. This gemstone is often associated with indestructibility, as a result of its hardness. Also where your relationship is concerned. The word diamond was supposedly derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘adamas’, which means ‘unbeatable’. This stone symbolises eternal love and is therefore perfect for the engagement ring!

Now all you need to do is decide on the cut of diamond you find most beautiful, before going down on one knee and asking her to marry you.

What meanings do the sapphire, ruby and emerald represent?

After the diamond, the sapphire, emerald and ruby are probably the best known and most popular gemstones. Sapphire is Greek for ‘the most beautiful’ and symbolises piety and tranquillity. In marriage this gemstone is synonymous with loyalty, calm and prudence. The ruby also represents loyalty. It’s given the strength to prevent betrayal and was therefore very popular with kings. A golden ring with a ruby is therefore not only exceptional, but also symbolic.

The ruby means love and vitality to couples. The emerald, from the Persian ‘heart of stone’, also symbolises love. As well as hope, rebirth and eternal youth. Whichever stone you choose for the engagement ring, you will be giving a great deal more than a jewel!

How are gemstones different to semi-precious stones?

The term ‘semi-precious stone’ hasn’t officially been used since 1967. The term semi-precious stone refers to all gemstones which aren’t a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald. The three best known semi-precious stones are undoubtedly the turquoise, the amethyst and the opal. And their meanings are also ideal for engagement rings.

The turquoise is considered to be the stone of friendship, love and prosperity. The amethyst attracts positive energy and protects the wearer. The opal is also a protective gemstone, which has a strong connection with love and passion.

What meaning would you like to attribute to your engagement ring? What do you want to say with your marriage proposal? Indicate your favourite gemstone and cut here and find the perfect engagement ring. You can also contact BAUNAT’s experts for extra advice.

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