For centuries, it has been common to get engaged before the wedding. The engagement begins with a marriage proposal. How magical that moment is depends entirely on the imagination of the person asking. Some choose the extravagant route, while others choose a more subtle option. Regardless, it usually involves someone going down on one knee with the diamond engagement ring in hand, asking: “Will you marry me?” But why does someone need to go down on their knee? Well, there are some logical explanations for this.

What came before this marriage proposal tradition?

In the past, marriage proposals weren’t exactly romantic. Women had almost no rights and were often seen as the property of men. Marriage was considered a business transaction. 

Luckily times have moved on — with marriage now a symbol of love between any two people. More and more romantic new methods are also being used to propose. Since the beginning of the last century, it has been common to place a diamond engagement ring on the ring finger of a loved one, as a sign of love and faithfulness. This leads to the marriage proposal as we know it today: going on one knee while holding an engagement ring in one hand.

Going down on one knee

Going down on one knee when proposing to your partner is a sign of respect, honour and loyalty. Pure romance! Besides, it’s also practical: you’re at the same height as your partner’s hand. In addition, the diamond reflects the light much better and your beloved will get a better view on the engagement ring.

Many people still expect their partner to go down on one knee, and they do appreciate this, but it’s becoming increasingly less common. Marriage proposals are getting more original, which can sometimes make it difficult to kneel. For example, consider a marriage proposal while bungee jumping or skydiving. No matter how much you want to, going down on one knee is pretty difficult.

How you finally propose to your partner is completely up to you. We at BAUNAT can help you to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring to help make the marriage proposal even more special.

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