A recent research shows that almost half of women would not mind to pay half of their engagement ring. A surprising result from which we can conclude that the traditional way of marriage proposal is changing.

We ask ourselves the question: Would you pay half of your diamond engagement ring?

Independent women

Once upon a time.... Traditionally it´s the man who does the marriage proposal. He goes down on one knee holding a diamond engagement ring in his hand asking the question: ´Do you want to marry me? ´ But times change. Besides the fact that men are becoming more original when it comes to proposing their girlfriend, women also more often propose their man. Women become more independent. More often they also pay half of their engagement ring. This way they create balance in their relationship. Each paying half of the amount means that you together search for the perfect engagement ring. The advantage is that you love to see the ring. And you can combine it with a romantic trip.

Larger diamond

If you decide to share the costs of the engagement ring, it brings an additional advantage. You can now afford a larger diamond. If you for example pay for the precious metal, he can spend more money on the diamond(s). Extra carat means more brilliance, because that´s what counts, right? So would you consider to pay half of your engagement ring? We only see the positive side.

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