• Why don’t I like my engagement ring?
    • How can my ring make my diamond look bigger?
    • Where can I find inspiration for a more beautiful ring?
    • What if I still want to change my engagement ring?
    Your future husband chose a solitaire ring, a ring with one diamond, to propose, but you don’t like it? Of course, you want to show off the ring on your finger, sharing pictures and making your friends jealous. But this isn’t possible with the one you got.  Discover in three steps what kind of ring suits you best and is worthy of your #ringfie. Continue reading to find BAUNAT’s best tips to rectify the situation when you don’t like your engagement ring.


    Why Don’t I Like My Engagement Ring?

    Asking yourself “What ring suits me?” is important, but you also need to ask yourself “What ring do I like the most?”. Say what you don’t like about your current ring. Or about solitaire rings in general. The precious metal? The style? The shape of the diamond? Write it down and hold on to your list.

    How Can My Ring Make My Diamond Look Bigger?

    Maybe you hoped for a bigger diamond? Because solitaire rings only have one diamond, this one will seek all the attention. With these 6 tips, you can make your diamond look bigger. No interest in reading? You can also watch this video on Youtube.

    Where Can I Find Inspiration For a More Beautiful Ring?

    Is the size of the diamond not the problem? Go back to your list of things you didn’t like about your current ring. Use this to select your preferences online. You will find your perfect ring in no-time.

    What If I Still Want To Change My Engagement Ring?

    Found the perfect gold or platinum ring in the inspiring catalogue of solitaire rings or engagements rings with multiple diamonds? Be honest and tell it to your future husband. This way you can profit from our service and think about your purchase.

    As you can see: if your future husband chose a solitaire ring from our extensive catalogue, you will have the opportunity to change it in case you don’t like it in the end. Click here to find out how to send your purchased product back.
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