With unusual and unique wedding ideas, the best day of your life turns into a truly unforgettable celebration. Who wants a run-of-the-mill wedding? Below you will find some suggestions for a unique and memorable wedding celebration.

Unique wedding ideas - let your imagination run free

Unique wedding ideas need to be developed at an early stage. Whether it's the location, decoration or the food, there is a lot to prepare! Consider which traditions you would like to incorporate into your special day and which are better left out. Hiring a wedding planner, who will support and advise you during the organisation, could be a great help. You will also find many beautiful suggestions and ideas on the internet, with Pinterest offering plenty of inspiration, especially when it comes to unusual decoration ideas.

Simple and original - these locations will impress

Sit together with your partner and talk about which kind of location you have mind. After all, your wedding should reflect both your personalities. Whether you like something elegant and simple or extroverted and out there, there is a perfect location for everyone.

A small theatre, a literature house, a jazz bar or an old cinema, there are many charming and extraordinary locations, which are perfectly suited bridal couples and guests with a passion for culture. Music halls are very practical, as they usually have an attached kitchen.

If you both love being in nature and like a rather rustic location, an outdoor wedding is perfect. (Former) farms, with large meadows and gardens, are your best choice. And of course, a spacious barn as a bad weather alternative! If you prefer a more intimate wedding at a more exotic location, thing about marrying abroad.

Stylish and extravagant, these words describe a lofts, ideal wedding locations that can be found in various cities. Or how about a modern and minimalist wedding at an old but upgraded factory building? Exposed concrete or brick walls, huge open spaces, this is where real urban flair is found.

Unique - your wedding celebration in the amusement park

An amusement park is an especially unique wedding idea. Most amusement parks have a hotel for you and your guests to stay in and are well equipped for larger groups due to numerous company events.

These locations have a big advantage in terms of organisation. You will find everything you need there: you can check off a catering company, a DJ, trained staff and decorations at the same time. Some amusement parks have ready-made backdrops that make sure you can take beautiful photos. A Norwegian stave church, for example, where you can have a church wedding. And following the main course of the menu, you and your guests can simply play a round of mini golf, ride a carousel or ride a pedal boat.

Completely against tradition - wedding on New Year's Eve

If December 31 falls on a normal weekday, you can theoretically marry on New Year's Eve. Several registry offices are open, at least in the morning. If you would like to get married on such a special day, early registration is absolutely necessary. The rush to book such dates is tremendous.

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