Elegant and sober, a diamond solitaire is the first choice when selecting an engagement ring. However, it is necessary to focus on the quality as well as on its different features in order to have the desired effect.

  • Choosing the right carat weight

The diamond weight is always expressed in carat. This term comes from the carob seeds that were used to weigh the most valuable commodities in ancient times. 1 carat equals 0.20 g.

Of course, a couple of diamond carats will please any woman. It is still necessary to take into account the characteristics of the hand of the future bride. A stone relatively small will fit with slender fingers. For a hand that has long fingers, it is preferable to choose a diamond of more important dimensions.

At equal quality, the price of a diamond solitaire will depend on its weight. The higher the diamond weight, the higher its price will be.

  • Choosing the diamond color

Diamonds that have no trace of yellow reflection are the rarest and the most expensive. The color of this gemstone is defined by letters from D to Z. From the letter M, the diamond can be described as "strongly colored" and its price is significantly lower than the D stones. It is imperative to know the quality of a stone, to precisely define the metal into which the ring will be manufactured.

Yellow gold diamond requires no D colored diamonds, since the color of the metal is reflected in the stone. On the contrary, for a white golden ring, it is essential to choose a high quality stone, with no yellow tint. To lower the cost, we can choose H colored diamonds, set in a yellow golden ring.

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