How can you do something original during a moment that is so precious and full of tradition? How can you truly surprise her with your proposal? Our tip: forget the traditional diamond engagement ring and make the ultimate statement with an engagement ring bracelet! 
    • Why should you give her an engagement bracelet?
    • What are the other advantages of an engagement bracelet? 
    • How can you personalise her engagement bracelet? 



    Why Should You Give Her an Engagement Ring Bracelet Instead Of an Engagement Ring?

    Although an engagement ring bracelet is an original piece of jewellery, you are still not the first man in history to have proposed to his beloved with one. That honour goes to the late John F.  Kennedy who surprised Jackie with a bracelet the day before their wedding. A romantic gesture with an iconic piece of jewellery in white gold studded with diamonds. Simply beautiful!

    Another advantage of an engagement ring bracelet is that you do not need to find out her ring size. This means less stress for you so that you can focus completely on the proposal itself.
    There are three things that are very hard: steel, diamond, and knowing one's self.

    What Are the Other Advantages Of an Engagement Ring Bracelet?

    Many women hide their engagement ring away in their jewellery box after their wedding. Although they mostly have good reasons for this, such as comfort, work regulations and considerations for what goes well, we still find this a real shame. A great advantage of an engagement bracelet is that you can wear it all the time. An engagement bracelet is also a wonderful bridal accessory as it is easy to combine with other bridal jewellery.
    Especially if you choose from one of our collections. Tip: pick out a necklace or a pair of earrings from the same collection to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

    Take a look at this wonderful diamond bracelet

    How Can You Personalise Her Engagement Ring Bracelet?

    Do you want the jewellery to speak for you? Then choose a personalised engraving. Having a loving message engraved in her engagement ring bracelet will create a unique piece of jewellery that says it all and which will be worn with pride. Can it get any more personal? Go for a custom piece and design her engagement bracelet yourself. You will not only show just how much she means to you, but also how well you know her as well as her personal style.

    Custom pieces similarly allow you to combine any precious metal with her favourite precious stone or even her birth stone. No matter what you choose, you can count on an enthusiastic 'yes' with your engagement bracelet.

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    Which Engagement Ring Bracelet Will You Go For?

    A cuff bracelet, satellite bracelet, tennis bracelet or a chain bracelet; there are plenty of designs to choose from to find the perfect engagement bracelet for your beloved. You will definitely find one which suits her 100% in our wide range of bracelets. All our bracelets are handmade using top-quality materials. Make an appointment now at one of our showrooms now for personalised and professional advice from one of the BAUNAT experts.

    Looking for the perfect engagement bracelet?

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    Want To Discover More About Bracelets?

    By now you have probably been convinced that an engagement bracelet makes an excellent alternative to the traditional engagement ring. But which bracelet should you buy? There are just so many to choose from. Read these blogs to find out which bracelet will suit your partner perfectly.

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