An engraving turns a piece of jewellery into a truly personal gift, giving it a unique meaning that will last forever. Find out what techniques and options are available for engraving bracelets and what you can have engraved.

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Where can I get a bracelet engraved?

Your jeweller or online jeweller will offer the option of engraving, as this is part of the standard repertoire for every goldsmith.

It is usually slightly cheaper to commission an engraving as part of the purchase of a piece of jewellery rather than commissioning an engraving afterwards, as this service is usually offered at a discounted rate to buyers.
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If you are unsure about an engraving - for example, if you are purchasing a gold bracelet as a gift and are not 100% sure whether the recipient will like it - a subsequent engraving is no problem at all.  The big advantage of this is that if an engraved piece of jewellery is not wanted by the recipient, it usually cannot be returned, or can only be returned for a partial refund due to its customisation.  Not every engraving can be removed afterwards: depending on the position and depth, it may be impossible to grind it out without destroying the entire piece of jewellery or its design.
As lovely as an engraving is, it should be considered carefully beforehand. When selecting a suitable engraving, your jeweller will be happy to help. Often, a simple and classic inscription (such as a name with a date) is a safe choice, even if it is not especially innovative.

What types of engraving are available for bracelets?

Any precious metal with a smooth surface can be engraved: a rose gold bracelet can be engraved just as easily as a wedding ring in yellow gold or an engagement ring in white gold. The only precondition is that the jewellery item has a flat surface that is large enough for the desired engraving. Keep in mind that the engraving should be readable with the naked eye: not everything that is technically possible can be deciphered afterwards without a magnifying glass.

With engravings, for example for a women's bracelet, there are three different techniques. With hand engraving, the jeweller or goldsmith employs a tool that has been used for centuries, the graver, and carves the engraving into the precious metal. With this technique the possibilities are limited, but the engraving is highly individual - the result of old-school craftsmanship. No letter is exactly as deep as another, giving each engraving its own unique character.

An alternative is diamond engraving, where the small diamond head of an engraving machine is used to write the engraving into the precious metal. The functional principle corresponds to that of a classic CNC milling machine. The engraving is therefore absolutely precise. Many different font styles are possible, but images cannot be engraved.

The most modern type of engraving is laser engraving, where a laser beam vaporises the top layer of the precious metal. In terms of aesthetics, this type of engraving has a matt appearance rather than a shiny appearance like engravings that are scored into the surface, and looks brighter than the surrounding material. With a laser there are no limits to your imagination: depending on the size of the surface to be engraved, you can choose anything - from lettering to symbols to miniature images.

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What can I get engraved on a bracelet?

The most commonly chosen engraving is the date of the event for which the bracelet is given. This is often chosen together with one or two names or the corresponding initials. The advantage of a short engraving is that a relatively large font size can be selected, even on a more delicate bracelet.

Bracelet engraving ideas for a gift for a loved one are varied: popular engravings include short expressions of love, such as "Forever Yours", "With Love", "I Love You", "Yours Forever", "For Life", along with the date of the first meeting, engagement, or marriage.

Other popular ideas include short quotations, Bible passages, pearls of wisdom, a line from a poem, or motivational sayings and statements such as "Follow your heart", "Believe in yourself", "Stay yourself", "Trust in yourself" or "Anything is possible".

When choosing an engraving, bear in mind that a white gold bracelet with an engraving, for example, will probably be worn over and over again for a lifetime. Choose an inscription that will remain valid for many years to come and don't try to chase trends. What is on trend today may no longer be fashionable in five years time, but a timeless engraving will bring pleasure forever.

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