• With a solitaire setting, one diamond attracts all the attention
  • With a pavé setting, it looks like the ring is studded with smaller stones
  • For a simple, elegant look, the bezel setting is your best option.

Did you know a diamond is actually pure carbon? It’s the same as the material used in pencils. The difference is its hardness — and its magic! Buying a diamond is considered a symbol of love, investment and durability. In short: the three ingredients of a successful marriage. That’s why we love buying diamond rings before popping the question. In this article, we’ll shed some light on these diamonds and the different engagement ring settings.


It is the shortage of gold and diamonds that makes them valuable. To buy diamonds as an investment is a smart choice as well as a romantic one. On top of that, diamonds don’t lose their value over time. 

It’s a long process from a rough diamond to one of our beautiful diamond engagement rings. That’s why the BAUNAT team works closely with you to create a diamond jewel of the highest quality. You simply buy a diamond and then decide which ring you like the most.

The setting plays a very important role in choosing the perfect ring. With a solitaire setting, one single diamond gets all the attention. Prongs ensure that the diamond is safely secured in the centre so it can catch and reflect all the light. If you want a ring that showcases the diamond’s beauty, the solitaire setting is the right choice.

If you don’t want to buy a big diamond, but prefer a ring studded with smaller stones instead, then a diamond ring with a pavé setting is the one for you. Small diamonds are set next to each other and secured with small prongs that look like little pearls. It doesn’t matter how you wear the ring; it will always shine beautifully. Of course, you can also combine a pavé setting with a solitaire setting to create an even more luxurious effect. You not only buy a diamond but an engagement ring that no one can resist!

When the diamond is completely framed with metal, it’s called a bezel setting. This is an extremely labour-intensive technique, suitable for round as well as oval diamonds. In this setting, your gorgeous diamond benefits from extra protection against damage. If you’re looking to buy a diamond ring to wear every day, this setting is definitely recommended. On top of that, because of the bezel setting, the diamond in your ring looks bigger than it actually is. It’s definitely a ring to show off.

Would you like to buy a beautiful engagement ring but still have some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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