Both the wedding ring and the engagement ring symbolise your eternal love and devotion for your partner. Both are a reminder of a beautiful moment. Wedding rings are often modest, while the engagement rings stand out a little more. Most women love to show it off to their family, friends and colleagues. But contrary to popular belief, what size you choose for the diamond engagement ring isn’t everything and the shape and sparkle is actually much more essential.

By choosing a gold engagement ring that perfectly suits her style, you show the outside world that you know her through and through, and this is what matters most. The size of the diamond(s) is rather irrelevant. Also, because you can easily make a small or medium-sized diamond look bigger than it is in reality, a perfect engagement ring does not have to be expensive.


No matter how much you love your new fiancée, if he or she doesn’t get you the engagement ring of your dreams, there’s a ‘problem’. Maybe you think the ring is too large and doesn't suit your style and taste. Maybe you think the ring is too modern as you had expected a nice vintage engagement ring. Men often think they have to give an engagement ring with a huge diamond as if the size reflects how much they love their partner. But women just want a ring that perfectly matches their personality
If you don’t like the engagement ring at the first sight, try wearing it on your finger for a short while. Maybe you just need to give it some time. If you really don’t like your engagement ring, it’s important to be clear about it, but do not blame your beloved for making the wrong choice. Sometimes it is just not that easy to choose the perfect engagement ring. And besides, there is a solution for everything! For example, it is entirely possible to return the ring and select a setting you like better.

With our 30 day return policy, BAUNAT gives you the opportunity to return the ring within 30 days of purchase. With this guarantee, we strive for 100% satisfaction.
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