As you are about to start your adventure into the realm of jewellery and more specifically your search for the most wonderful engagement ring for your partner, you need to reflect upon a few options. You will need to think about the design of the ring, whether to include gemstones or diamonds and about the overall end result. But one important feature that is sometimes left aside is choosing the right colour of the metal. Choosing the colour, white, yellow or pink for your engagement ring is as important as the style, here’s why.

  • Yellow gold versus white gold
  • Why is an engagement ring in pink gold so popular today?

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Yellow gold versus white gold

Pure yellow gold is 24kt and it is the deepest in colour, the more copper and silver alloys you add and the lighter the yellow. For instance, in 14kt gold there’s 58,3% pure gold and it is light yellow in colour. Yellow gold is ideal for slightly darker to dark skin tones as it adds this warm sun-like sparkle to your skin.

White gold is made of pure gold, combined with metals such as silver, nickel and palladium. It is also commonly coated with rhodium to achieve the lovely white finish. White gold is said to complement very well fair or rosy skin tones.

A beautiful engagement ring in pink gold matched with a pink wedding band by BAUNAT

Both yellow and white gold are historically the most popular golds chosen for engagement rings and wedding bands as they are durable and easily matched with a variety of diamonds of different quality grades.

Why is an engagement ring in pink gold so popular today?

Whether your skin is fair or dark, pink or red gold as it is commonly known, is a wonderful choice. It is considered the most romantic colour as it adds glamour to any style and complements many women, regardless of skin colour. This versatility is what made engagement rings in pink gold become so popular these past years for both women and men.

Furthermore, pink or red gold adds a certain glow to the engagement ring design that cannot be achieved with yellow or gold. Pink gold alloy is usually made of 75% pure gold combined with 20% copper and 5% silver. The more the copper used in the alloy, the redder the gold.

It is more affordable that white and yellow gold, but also very durable and harder to some extent than white or yellow gold due to the copper.

Do you already know which is your favourite metal colour? Is it an elegant white, a warm gold or a romantic red or pink engagement ring that you wish to purchase? BAUNAT is a leading online jeweller that offers a wide variety of engagement rings and more, in platinum and all three golds. Do not hesitate to contact us for guidance and to browse through our extensive online collections

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