Choosing a diamond is one task, but choosing the perfect setting that will make your diamond stand out is yet another story. Here is a list of the most popular settings:

1. Prong setting

The most popular setting of all for engagement rings, which actually works for most diamond shapes also, is the prong setting. Depending on the size of the diamond, you can have from 4 up to 8 or 10 prongs holding your stone firmly onto the ring. It is the most popular because you can see the overall stone.

The only thing to keep in mind though is that it is very important to have enough prongs to hold your stone tightly as they can easily wear out or break off over time and you could loose your stone.

2. Bezel

The bezel is probably the second most popular setting for engagement rings but also pendants and other jewellery, as it is very practical for every day life. It is simply a thin metal rim that surrounds the stone, it is the safest setting you could choose.

3. Tension

It is named for the tension of the metal band, the shank, that secures the diamond. The diamond appears to be suspended in the air. This is how it works, the jeweller cuts tiny grooves into the sides of the band with a laser to the measurements of the diamond. The diamond is put in place and simply holds thanks to the pressure of the custom made shank.

4. Invisible

The invisible setting is a setting which was created to trick the eye into thinking you have one large stone when in fact you may have several little ones set together. Basically the stones sit side by side, the grooves of each stone’s girdle slip into the metal framework which can barely be seen and together form the appearance of one bigger stone. This setting technique works best with princess cuts rather than rounds.

It is a very complex setting to create, and you do need to be cautious that a stone doesn’t fall off, but it does create a be perfect illusion.

5. Other settings that are more commonly used for small diamonds: channel, pave

There are a a few more settings that we should also mention and that work well in conjunction with centre stones, that is the setting of side stones that really add glamour to any engagement ring. Channel setting is where diamonds are placed in a row in the band of a ring. It is very popular in wedding bands but of course is used also in elegant engagement rings.

Pave is a little more complicated as it is like miniature prongs holding small side stones. The metal is usually not as visible and the prongs are very small. But the effect is tenfold, the centre stone really stands out and there is so much more sparkle!

At BAUNAT we offer elegant, refined engagement rings with all of these setting options. And should you not find what you are looking for, then we will create it for you with our team of designers ready to assist you!

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