No matter how beautiful the diamond engagement ring may be, there might be certain types of rings that look less pretty around your ring finger. Choosing the right engagement ring can be compared to the quest of finding the right jeans for your shape. It has to be flattering. No need to worry, there certainly is a ring out there that fits your finger perfectly. Whether you and your future husband are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring or you are just subtly trying to influence his choice, a little help will save you a lot of time. The most important thing is to balance the length and width of your fingers against the shape and size of the diamond(s) and the style of the ring. We have taken the liberty to sum up a few possibilities:

1. Long fingers

With long fingers can you really go all out, but especially the classic (diamond) solitaire engagement ring and the princess cut variants are ideal. In addition, long fingers tend to look amazing with more extravagant rings, set with coloured diamonds and/or gems.

2. Slim fingers 

If you have slender fingers, it is important to choose a slightly smaller engagement ring. Small diamonds in combination with a slightly wider band help make your fingers look less slim. This makes everything a bit more proportionate.

3. Short fingers 

The best choice for someone with short fingers are diamond shapes that extend the fingers optically. Therefore, opt for diamonds with an elongated shape: the baguette, the marquise, the pear shape and the oval cut diamond. In addition, fine ring bands create the illusion of long fingers.

4. Wide fingers

For someone with wide fingers, the trick in the search for the perfect diamond engagement ring is to ensure on both sides of the ring the skin shows as little as possible. Think of the trilogy engagement ring. The bigger and more conspicuous the engagement ring, the better. Small diamonds tend to make wide fingers look even wider.

5. Big knuckles

Rather large knuckles? No need to panic. A diamond engagement ring with a broad ring band forms the ideal distraction.

6. Small or big hands

The choice of the engagement ring depends not only on the shape of the fingers, but also on the size of the hands. A fine ring set with a small diamond (brilliant, princess cut, oval or heart shaped) is perfect for someone with small hands. For rather big hands, an extravagant engagement ring is the best choice.

Trying as many different styles, will eventually help you find the diamond engagement ring that suits your ring finger best. At BAUNAT, we are more than happy to be of assistance.

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