When choosing a diamond engagement ring you have to consider many things. The size of your hand states the view of the ring. For each type of hand there is a suitable engagement ring, also for someone with larger hands. The size of the diamond plays an important role, but there is so much more. For that reason we give you some tips. 

The size of the diamond makes the difference

The bigger the diamond, the better. Starting from 0.70 carat. Does your girlfriend has big hands, then it makes no sense to propose her with a small diamond. It will disappear. The perfect excuse to let him put that beautiful diamond 1.00 carat solitaire ring on your ring finger. Or why not a 2 carat? A large diamond does not only catches the eye, it is also a smart investment.

Different small diamonds

Do you not have the budget for one large diamond, than there a various alternatives. You can divide the same carat weight into more diamonds. A cheaper, but not less beautiful solution. Think of the trilogy engagement ring: 3 diamonds in a row for the price of one large one.


Fine diamond rings are not suitable for women with big hands. Therefore choose a wider model. Such engagement rings can look heavy. By adding extra diamonds it will look more elegant.

The halo ring

A halo ring is ideal for women with big hands. Because the central diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds it will look larger. It enhances the view of the ring, which is most important. The halo ring matches with every type of hand. Men therefore buy more often this style of engagement ring.

Does your girlfriend has large hands and are you looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you have come to the right place. We are happy to help you further. 

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