• How can I make her jewellery even more unique?
  • Which colour diamond should I choose?
  • What are the available alternatives to a coloured diamond?

Nothing symbolises love like a beautiful piece of jewellery in her own personal style. This will allow you to emphasise her beauty and invest in a valuable piece of jewellery at the same time. How can I make her jewellery even more unique? By opting for rare coloured diamonds.

How can I make her jewellery even more unique?

Buying diamonds has been a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. Buying items of jewellery with rare stones like diamonds shows your love is unique. How could you make this piece of jewellery even more exclusive? By choosing a coloured diamond. Their rare nature have made these diamonds a little more expensive than the common white stones. This will make your jewellery more valuable and a bigger investment for later. Wear them or keep them in your safe and see their value grow.

The colour will give them more personality and raise your gesture up to a higher level. What different colour diamonds can you buy? Red, blue, yellow and green are the most prominent of the rare coloured diamonds around.

Which colour diamond should I choose?

Buying diamonds is something you devote a great deal of careful thought to, which is why you choose the perfect colour for her personality and style when you decide to go for coloured diamonds. Passion and energy completely form part of the red variant. Green shows a connection with nature and a well-balanced personality. The blue diamond reflects tranquillity and reliability.

Yellow stands for creativity and optimism. This reflects a great deal of light and is therefore almost just as clear as the traditional white variant. This has also made it popular amongst celebrities. A setting in platinum or white gold particularly emphasises the unique colours.

What are the available alternatives to coloured diamonds?

What if I want the same personality for less money? That’s possible too. You can buy other gems for less than diamonds, but they are just as elegant. The blue sapphire can effortlessly replace the blue diamond with its deep blue shade. The sapphire also has a lesser known yellow variant, which can beautifully spruce up any piece of jewellery. The emerald is the one to go for when you’re after a natural green colour. Ruby red is romantic and a beautiful alternative to the red and pink diamond. You can put extra emphasis on your coloured gem and enjoy a unique look by surrounding it with small diamonds. You do need to be aware of the fact that a gem like a sapphire or emerald won’t shine as intensely as a natural diamond.

Which coloured diamonds or specially selected gems are you going to go for? Make her jewellery even more unique and personal with BAUNAT’s supply.

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