When buying diamond jewellery, it is important to inform yourself carefully about diamonds and their characteristics as well as potential. Not everyone can recognize the value of a diamond...Therefore, it is essential to be assisted by an expert jeweller when you are about to make a choice, be it in the showroom or online. By being guided by BAUNAT specialists, you can be sure that you can count on expertise, as well as the advantageous prices associated with your online purchase. The best of two worlds.

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The benefits of an expert's assistance when purchasing diamond jewellery

Your expert jeweller knows the value of diamonds best

Whether it's a diamond ring, a necklace with a diamond pendant, earrings or a bracelet with diamonds, a professional recognises the value of each piece. BAUNAT guides you with precision in the purchase of diamond jewellery and inform you about the quality, colour and purity of the diamond as well as the precious metals used.

An expert knows everyone's taste best

If you doubt the choice of a ring for your future wife, a necklace for your wife or a bracelet for your mother, an expert will recommend a model that will suit her best. During your appointment with the BAUNAT expert team, they will advise you in detail on each jewellery item and answer all your questions.

Your expert will help you to determine the right size

It can sometimes be difficult to know the right size of your jewellery. Especially with a diamond ring, such as an engagement ring, you want to have the right size right away. BAUNAT's experts can easily help you with this, even remotely. You can order our ring sizer to find your right ring size at home.

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An expert only sells professionally certified jewellery

An authentic diamond should always be accompanied by a gemmological certificate;

  • First of all, because a certificate provides detailed information about the jewellery and allows you to identify the jewellery exactly

  • Secondly, because the gemmological certificate guarantees the authenticity and quality of the chosen diamond

If you buy your diamond jewellery from an expert, she will also accurately clarify all the properties mentioned in the certificate, such as the size, colour and purity of the diamond.

Experience the advantage of a private showroom

At BAUNAT you can also make an appointment to visit one of our diamond showrooms. During a private visit, BAUNAT's diamond jewellery experts will give you professional advice in the search for the perfect jewellery item. You will experience the unique aspects of the BAUNAT collection in a quiet environment. If you want to visit our showroom, you need to make an appointment beforehand.

During your visit, we will show you our high-quality diamond jewellery in white gold, set with zircon instead of real diamonds. This will give you a very realistic picture of the design. Of course, we also have some real diamonds that we can show you. This gives you the opportunity to notice the quality difference between the diamond qualities usually sold by BAUNAT.

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Where are the BAUNAT showrooms?

BAUNAT has several showrooms across the globe. From our own Antwerp to faraway in Hong Kong. So book an appointment at the showroom near you to buy your diamond jewellery. We make sure there will always be an expert to assist you in your choice.

Would you like to read more about where you can buy diamonds?

We advise you to use an expert in choosing diamond jewellery. Experts not only ensure that you have the right size right away, but also give you advice in the use of precious metals and precious stones. We'd like to give you more information about buying diamonds, such as why you should rather be buying them online.
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