It is of the essence to inquire about diamonds and their characteristics as well as potential when considering a purchase. Not everyone can recognize the true value of a diamond ... Therefore, it is of vital importance to allow yourself to be assisted by an expert when you are about to acquire a diamond or a diamond jewel.

An expert recognizes the value of a diamond

Whether it concerns a diamond ring, a necklace with a diamond pendant, a pair of diamond earrings or a bracelet set with diamonds, a qualified professional immediately recognises the value of each piece. The expert-team at BAUNAT would be more than happy to guide you through the purchase of your diamond jewellery piece. They will offer you detailed information on the quality, color, purity and the treatments applied to your diamond of choice as well as on the precious metals used to construct your jewel.

An expert understands everyone’s taste

When you cannot seem to decide which ring to buy your fiancée, which necklace to gift your wife or which bracelet your mom would like, an expert will know exactly what kind of design would suit her best. The experts at BAUNAT specialise in diamond jewellery, and they will advise you in detail about each piece and its design.

An expert only offers certified jewellery 

An authentic diamond must be accompanied by a gemological certificate; firstly because this certificate provides detailed information on the chosen jewel and allows you to identify your diamond with precision, secondly, because the gemological certificate guarantees the authenticity and quality of the diamond. Furthermore, if you buy your diamond jewellery with the guidance of an expert, he / she will clarify all the characteristics of your diamond, as mentioned in the certificate, such as its size, colour and clarity.

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