Starting from the basics: what is Gold?

Gold is one of the most precious metals that has been sought after since the beginning of times and is commonly thought of as being yellow, which is indeed its purest form, the way it is found in the earth. It is commonly available in 24 kt, 18 kt, 14 kt and in some countries also in 9 kt. This number simply indicates to the consumer the number of parts of gold that are present versus the number of parts of another metal.

Indeed, gold which is 100% pure – 24 kt, has the darkest yellow tone, but is also the most malleable and therefore working with it is not the easiest. Many cultures by tradition only believe in jewellery made with 24 kt gold, such as Indian cultures and in South East Asia.

But in order to best work with the metal, it is mixed with other metals creating gold alloys. Take for instance the 18 kt white gold which is a common choice in Europe, it is composed of 75% of gold, and it is mixed with either nickel, palladium or manganese. Which on top of making the gold whiter, it makes it harder as well and therefore better to work on.

Rose gold – the delicate choice for an engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring is not an easy task and whether you choose your ring with your partner or for your partner, there are a myriad of possibilities.

But have you ever thought of choosing an engagement ring made with rose gold?

It’s a beautiful colour that really comes out of the ordinary and has only come back into fashion these last years. Rose gold is essentially a gold, copper and silver alloy, where gold is 75%, copper is 22.25%, and silver 2.75%. Depending on how strong you wish the pink or red tone to be, you can remove the silver and it will be way more red gold.

An engagement ring in rose gold is considered very original and somehow vintage looking also, since more commonly today, an engagement ring is chosen in white gold or platinum. Rose gold gives any design a very romantic look.

We at BAUNAT believe that rose gold complements diamonds really well, which is why we have a beautiful selection of designs in pink gold. Furthermore, we are delighted to recommend to you some lovely classical designs: a diamond solitaire engagement ring or the diamond alliance for example. But don’t hesitate to have a look at all our beautiful jewellery in pink gold.

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