• What’s the best place to buy an engagement ring: online or in the store?
  • When is the best moment to buy the ring?
  • How do I find her perfect ring online?
  • Where can I find inspiration for her engagement ring?

The search for the right ring for your proposal can be a challenge. With the tips from this list you will find inspiration online, without losing the unique experience of finding the right ring. 

Why should I buy my engagement ring online?

Online buying has a lot more advantages than going to a jeweller. First of all, you don’t have a salesman watching over your shoulder. If you like to make a thought-through decision, this kind of salesman can ruin your creative process. Secondly you can look at other jewellery online, without a salesman trying to sell everything right away.

How do you choose the right engagement ring? Find a unique and sustainable ring from your home, without pushy salesmen or a store full of stressed clients.

In addition, your search for the right ring will always be special. If you find that perfect ring, it won’t matter that much where you purchased it.

When is the best moment to buy the ring?

If you’re in a store with a lot of other future grooms, it will be more difficult to follow your own path. Because of all the clients, you won’t be able to view all your choices up close. This way you can’t take a thought-through and efficient decision. So, go for a thoughtful decision online, not for stress at a jeweller. Buy your ring when it suits your agenda best.

How do I find her perfect ring online?

Do you know what colour she wants? You can select her preferences at the options and get a personal selection of engagement rings. You also got some ideas? Select them and the list will show you what you want. This way you will know that she gets the ring she deserves. And you make time for important things.

Where can I find inspiration for her engagement ring?

Finding the perfect ring online? All the inspiration you want, is on the same website. One website has hundreds, sometimes thousands of rings on offer. By searching through the gigantic selection online, you will find exactly what you want.

The list contains all colours of precious metal and an extensive offer of designs. You just have to choose between all the different types of gemstones, and you can also buy loose diamonds as an investment. By purchasing online, you can also compare pictures of different rings and collect ideas for her gorgeous ring. How do you make your ring unique? Start from your ideas and go for a tailor-made ring.

You want to surprise her with an extraordinary engagement ring? Find inspirations for her perfect ring at BAUNAT.


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