After the engagement ring, starts the planning!

Once the famous Proposal day has passed and you now have the most beautiful engagement ring on your finger, it is time to start thinking about THE day, the most wonderful day where you and your beloved exchange vows and celebrate love with your family and friends.

When planning a wedding, there are many preparations to take into consideration and many tasks lie ahead of you, from choosing the dress and suit, the flower arrangements, the caterer, the location, the music, the main theme etc. All depending on your aspirations to make this the most memorable day of your lives and that of your beloved ones.

1st step: the wedding band that matches your engagement ring

During this time, you and your future spouse will also have the opportunity to choose your wedding bands. Wedding bands are the ultimate symbol of your union, to be worn over time with affection and respect alongside your engagement ring.

Both these pieces of jewellery, the engagement ring and the wedding band, carry a symbol of their own that is especially associated to your couple.

2nd step: the matching jewellery!

Once this step is done, it is now the time to have fun and think about the bigger picture: matching jewellery for the wedding. From glamorous tennis bracelets with a river of diamonds to embrace your wrist, to diamond earrings that will sparkle as vividly as your smile on that special day; and necklaces that will shine brightly as the diamonds catch a glimpse of the sun whether you choose a diamond pendant or a necklace with a myriad of diamonds.

The choice is not an easy one as there are so many magnificent designs to choose from.

You could choose a more traditional design or a classic as one could call them, where diamonds are the main gemstone and they are remarkably set in platinum or gold.

Or maybe you decide to choose a more creative design, where the emphasis is on a theme, such as flowers or modern jewellery or art.

There are also designs where other gemstones are at the heart of the piece, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies, that for instance could be linked to your wedding colour theme.

Furthermore, all of these designs, can be chosen because they are complementary to the engagement ring and wedding band you already have. So many lovely options lie ahead of you.

Nevertheless this wonderful choice is entirely yours to make for this special memorable day and once the decision has been made, and you have chosen your favourite jewelry, you will know that they will last a lifetime!

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