• Which themes and art style can provide inspiration?
  • Why should you choose a tailor made engagement ring?
  • Which materials and technologies are used today to create beautiful jewellery?

Whether it is for your first or for your second wedding, surely you want to surprise your fiancée-to-be with a unique and impressive jewel. A ring your fiancée will love to wear around her finger and with which no other jewel can compete. But where can you find such a prestigious, ‘one of a kind’ jewel? A journey through time can provide the inspiration you need for an extraordinary design. Unique and timeless? Powerful and luxurious? Let the influences of the past and the possibilities of the present entice you.

Everything that was ever deemed old fashioned and outdated will eventually make a comeback. The internet is bulging with items described as retro and vintage. When you buy an engagement ring online, things are no different. Of course, not every woman wants to wear a piece of history around her finger.

You can opt to design a unique engagement ring, based on a certain style, a certain story or a certain historical event. You could even use a beautiful shared memory as a source of inspiration. Too much of a hassle? Absolutely not! Provided you have the necessary professional guidance, creating a tailor made engagement ring is as easy as buying an engagement ring from an existing online collection.

Whether you opt for a tailor made design or decide to buy an engagement ring from an existing online collection, everything starts with an idea. A touch of inspiration is always welcome when you are facing such a difficult decision. This article will take you on a journey to past splendor and present technologies. This way, you are sure to find an engagement ring as unique as her.

Where can you find inspiration for your unique engagement ring?

Today, many jewellery designs are inspired by historical themes. GIA, an authority in the field of diamond and gemstone certification, confirms that many contemporary jewels are a reflection of designs from times gone by. After all, true beauty never dies.

A prime example is the popularity of art-nouveau jewellery. Although this style was widely popular in Europe between 1890 and 1940; it is still well loved more than a 100 years later. This extraordinary style has had an enormous influence on different art styles, from architecture to fashion.

How was art nouveau born? And which characteristics are typical for this style? Back then, many artists started to defy the industrialization and the resulting mass production. Honest and unique craftsmanship was promoted as being superior to industrially manufactured goods.

The art nouveau artist did not limit him or herself to one craft, but instead studied different techniques to gain fame in numerous fields. This applied to the creation of jewellery as well. Inspiration was mainly found in nature. Flowers, butterflies, insects and other animals featured heavily in this style, alongside fantasy creatures such as fairies and mermaids.

Women transformed into exotic beings were a prominent theme. The designs of Parisian René Lalique are a beautiful example of this. He was probably the first goldsmith who dared to incorporate female nudity into his jewellery.

Which styles mirror female power?

Not only art nouveau placed women in the spotlight. In the Edwardian era, beginning in 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria and largely coinciding with art nouveau, the woman had an important role to play as well. This era heralded the emancipation of women, who, until then, had not been given the chance to participate in public life.

During the preceding Victorian era, women were laced up in tight corsets and it was not uncommon for them to wear no less than 6 underskirts. Accounting for an additional weight of about 7 kilograms! The standards that had to be upheld for men and women were vastly different as well. The Edwardian era, however, partially put an end to this.

Iconic for Edwardian jewellery designs was the underlining of luxury and riches. Silver was replaced by platinum and there was a higher availability of diamonds. Rare and expensive fancy coloured diamonds also gained in popularity. Prominent women, such as princess Alexandra of Wales, wore Edwardian jewellery featuring garlands of flowers, joined together with ribbons and bows.

What is the reason behind this vintage revival?

Retro is back, even though the forties were considered to be a restrained era for fashion. The Second World War resulted in shortages all around and platinum was used for military means instead of jewellery. Pieces of jewellery were made from yellow gold or red gold and sparsely set with smaller diamonds or other gemstones.

Because of the shortages, recycling became a must. This is again popular today, though for completely different reasons. This might be the reason why retro elements find their way back in fashion and jewellery as well. When the postwar countries started to prosper again, more opulent materials and shapes were used once more. Designers on the one hand drew inspiration from mechanical objects, whereas others still focused on flower and arch motifs to express their more feminine side.

In mainstream fashion and interior design retro and vintage collections are readily available today. Do you value luxury, quality and durability? No problem! The trend does not revolve solely around re-using and recycling. Respecting craftsmanship and authenticity is also an important component.

Why should you opt for a tailor made engagement ring?

Inspiration can be found all around us. Artists and craftsmen have proven this again and again, throughout the ages. When you buy an engagement ring online, you can draw inspiration from different designers, each with their own unique story to tell. Searching for the perfect jewel using various filters helps you to narrow down your inspirations until you find the perfect jewel.

Are you at a loss during your search for a truly unique and perfect engagement ring? Choose for professional guidance. When you decide to create a tailor made engagement ring, experts can translate your ideas into a beautiful diamond jewel. A creation process which runs smoothly and that does not need to be time-consuming for the client.

How is a unique jewel made, you ask? A drawing or picture you have found online can form the basis for the final result. To give you an idea of what your jewel will look like, 3D drawings are made using CAD software. When these drawings meet all your expectations, experienced craftsmen start the production process, which takes around 3 to 4 working weeks.

Do you doubt your creativity? Or do you lack the time to draw something yourself? There is always the possibility of personalizing an engagement ring from our standard collection. A larger diamond? An extraordinary gemstone? There is an unlimited number of ways to personalize your engagement ring and add a unique touch to it.

Which materials are used to create a beautiful engagement ring?

When you buy an engagement ring online or consider creating a tailor made design, you have the final say regarding finish and overall appearance. Would you like something a little bit more prestigious? You can express this wish in your choice of materials and diamonds.

You could, for example, choose for a platinum ring. This metal is a little up there in price, but radiates pure luxury. The rhodium layer around a white gold ring will fade over time, resulting in a more yellowish appearance. Not so with the rare and durable platinum. This is one of the reasons many vintage jewels are still in circulation today.

Another important decision to make concerns diamond shapes. The round brilliant remains the all-time favourite, but you should choose the cushion cut for timeless and luxurious elegance. This shape can be either square or rectangular. The rounded edges and grand facets give this diamond a unique and breath-taking brilliance.

This diamond shape was born in 1800, but only gained in popularity at the end of the 19th century. This because its geometric shape tied in flawlessly with the upcoming art deco style. Art deco jewellery embodied delicate elegance and defied the stylistic features of the Edwardian era.

Which technologies are used today?

Art and history have clearly made their mark on contemporary jewellery designs, but we should not forget to consider the countless technological possibilities of the present. Earlier in the text, for example, we briefly mention 3D printing, a new technology that helps visualize your own ideas.

There are, of course, many more techniques and technologies that influence our jewellery. Sadly, not always in a good way. For instance, nowadays it is possible to create artificial diamonds in laboratories. Even though these synthetic diamonds have the same crystalline structure as natural diamonds, they lack emotional and financial value.

Please note that a synthetic diamond is not a fake diamond. To differentiate a fake diamond from a real diamond, you can use a diamond tester, fitted with an LCD display. Optical reflectometers measure the properties of the reflected rays of light to determine whether the gemstone is real or not.

When you decide to buy an engagement ring online, you want to be sure that you are gifting your loved one a real and natural diamond. After all, you are looking for that unique, prestigious ring of her dreams. Always turn to experts for help. At BAUNAT, you are sure to receive a 100% natural and qualitative diamond. We also provide our clients with the official certificate that describes the diamond’s characteristics in full detail.

Do you want to buy an engagement ring with a stunning, unique diamond online? Browse through our extensive collection or contact the BAUNAT experts for more information.

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