• What’s so special about the diamond ring as a symbol?
  • How can I choose a special memorial ring?
  • Where can I buy a meaningful diamond ring?

The diamond ring offers an elegant symbol, irrespective of the memory. It’s often associated with happy events, such as an engagement or anniversary, but a beautiful piece of jewellery can also offer comfort during somewhat more difficult times. How can I choose a memorial ring?

What’s so special about the diamond ring as a symbol?

The diamond ring stands for eternal love and happiness as an engagement ring and wedding ring. Both the round band which has no ending, as well as the eternal brilliance of the diamond symbolise this. However, this eternity can also represent your memories of a deceased loved one. You can use this to demonstrate you will never forget them, that they will always be with you. A concrete memory can offer peace during difficult times and will make your connection feel all the more tangible.

In addition, the brilliance of the diamond and the shine of the precious metal also reflect the beauty of the relationship you had with your loved one. This will never fade.

How can I choose a special memorial ring?

You don’t just opt for a nice looking ring when choosing a special memorial ring. Your comforting piece of jewellery will carry meaning for a lost friend, family member or partner. This is why you will also incorporate very personal elements, which were meaningful to the absent party or to the two of you. The deceased person’s birth stone will bring homage and can say a great deal with very little. A fingerprint or engraving which was meaningful to you both can also add a great deal of value to your chosen piece of jewellery.

You don’t need to limit yourself to materials or discrete engravings. Would you like a striking piece of jewellery, which completely befits the person you have lost? Then you could go for a statement or shape which completely fits your relationship.

Where can I buy a meaningful diamond ring?

A memorial ring is one of the most exceptional pieces of jewellery you will ever wear. That’s why you need to opt for a top quality and personal item which can offer you a great deal of comfort during hard times. Valuable diamonds and high quality precious metals can contribute an intrinsic amount of value to your meaningful piece of jewellery. You can subsequently complete this with personal touches which mean a great deal to you. At BAUNAT you can choose from classic pieces of jewellery, designer collections or tailor-made jewellery until you find the perfect piece.

What if I can’t find the right ring straight away? How can my personalised ring still be very stylish and subtle? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice

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