Diamonds often have an emotional value because they are linked to a specific event. We often associate the accompanying ring with a joyful event, such as an engagement or wedding anniversary. But, beautiful jewellery can also offer comfort at difficult times in life. A memorial ring is a wonderful example of that.

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What is a memorial ring?

A woman wears a memorial ring as a memento of a miscarriage - BAUNAT
A memorial ring is a ring that is either created from a loved one's ring or a completely new ring to commemorate the death of a loved one. The ring will often bear the name of the person and the date they died, as well as a life motto, for instance.
Your engagement or wedding ring undoubtedly makes you think of your loved one. But you can also change the jewellery into an 'official' memorial ring. That type of use harks back to the 14th century, although memorial rings were only clearly set apart from more general memento mori-rings in the 17th century.

Such a memorial ring often bears the name and date of death of that person in particular. You can have that all engraved in the ring. It goes without saying that the ring must be beautiful and special. This is of course already the case when you decide to have your engagement or wedding ring made into a memorial ring. But you could also choose a unique necklace to commemorate a lost child.
A memorial ring must be beautiful and special.
A Toi et Moi ring can symbolise a memorial ring – BAUNAT
Would you like a memorial ring but you were never married? Or you do not want to change your wedding ring after a death? Then you can, of course, buy a new ring, that incorporates elements that were meaningful to you both. You do not have to limit yourself to specific materials or discrete engravings. The jewellery can make a statement or be designed in a way that specifically suits your relationship and your lost loved one. An eternity ring can become a symbol of your eternal love for each other and a toi et moi-ring can also be a beautiful visualisation of your relationship.

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The memory of your loved one takes precedence above all when choosing a memorial ring. Whether you keep it low key or choose something striking, stay faithful to the image you want to carry with you.

The symbolism behind a diamond ring

A diamond ring often symbolises eternal love. Both through the endless circular band as well as the everlasting sparkle of the diamond. The eternity of these precious stones can also represent your memories of a deceased loved one.
A unique memento, such as a ring with a miscarriage - BAUNAT
By wearing a diamond memorial ring you are showing that you will never forget that person and that they will always be with you. The tangible memory, in the form of memorial jewellery, brings comfort at difficult times and makes your commitment all the more palpable. Furthermore, the sparkle of the diamondand the shine of the precious metal reflect the beauty of the relationship you had with your loved one.
Memorial rings not only bring comfort following the death of a partner or friend, they are often also worn as a piece of commemorate jewellery after a miscarriage. It is a beautiful memento of your deceased baby that you will always carry with you.

Commemorate your loved one in a unique way

Have you lost your partner, friend, child or someone close to you? Then carry your loved one with you with a piece of jewellery that symbolises your love. It is important that you choose a piece of jewellery that you can wear every day and where you like the look of.
The memory of your loved one takes precedence above all when choosing a memorial ring.
There are various options:

  • • You could choose to get a new ring which you can get engraved

  • • If you don't want a new ring, you could also have your engagement or wedding ring incorporated into a new memorial ring

  • • A final option is to have a piece of jewellery completely custom-made Then you are assured you will have a high-quality and personal piece that can offer you comfort at difficult times.

Get your jewellery custom-made

Valuable diamonds and high-quality precious metals add an intrinsic value to your meaningful jewellery. You can add personal touches that mean a lot to you.Select real professionals who understand the importance of such jewellery. Such as - in all honesty- the jewellery makers we count on at BAUNAT.

Other rings with special meaning

Are you not ready for a memorial ring but you do want to buy a ring with a special meaning? Then browse the other options, such as an eternity ring or a Toi et Moi ring.

Frequently asked Questions

What ring size should I choose?

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Learn more about measuring the ring size or ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

Can you engrave my ring?

BAUNAT can engrave a name, date or short message on most of its jewellery. Please contact our diamond jewellery advisor on or dial +32 3 201 24 90 if you are interested.

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