A ring with diamonds usually has a classic look, but for those who want a little more extravagance, colored gems can be added. Colored accents are fun and give the ring a personal touch. If you opt for gems, we will recommend rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These are very nice in combination with colorless diamonds.


Of all colored gemstones, rubies have the highest price per carat. Their color varies from red to purple. They are a type of corundum, a colorless mineral. If you add chrome, you will get the typical red color. The finest rubies were mined in the Mogok region (Myanmar) known as Burmese rubies. These appear to fluoresce, which contributes to the intensity of the color, whereby they are very expensive. They are natural rubies in their purest form, but currently there are many synthetic variants on the market.

For centuries, rubies stand for a symbol of love and passion because of their beautiful red color. In addition, they radiate pure luxury. A yellow gold ring with diamonds and an extravagant ruby as a center stone looks quite classic, but also very luxurious.


Sapphires are also a type of corundum, but their blue color is produced by a combination of iron and titanium. Sapphires from basaltic rich areas, such as Cambodia, Thailand and Australia, are darker and therefore worth less. The finest sapphires are from the (non-basaltic) Pakistani region of Kashmir. Their cornflower blue color and tiny inclusions give the stone a velvety sheen. It is though not surprising that they are quite pricey. Again, watch out for the artificially created ones!

Sapphires are often associated with power and wealth. They are very beautiful in a white gold or platinum ring with diamonds. The colorless diamonds and gray white color of both precious metals make the sapphire shine extra bright. It would be a perfect engagement ring to ask her to marry you.


Emeralds have been mined at the time of the ancient Egyptians. Currently we can find the most important sources in Zambia and Zimbabwe. However, the emeralds from Colombia are most wanted because of their blue green color. Their intense green color is caused by the presence of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are softer and more fragile than other gemstones, making them more susceptible to damage when grinding, polishing and setting. Therefore, they have inclusions which are visible to the naked eye. This affects the uniqueness of this gemstone.

Originally designed to emphasize the beauty of emeralds and other precious stones, the emerald cut is still a popular diamond shape. Emerald stands for courage. Green is an optimistic color and combined with colorless diamonds even more frivolous.

With us you can enjoy a beautiful ring with diamonds, as an engagement ring or any other special occasion.

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