Women love diamond rings. Most of them own next to their engagement-  and wedding ring a number of other models. They prefer to wear most of them at the same time. But is this possible? Isn’t it too much? Here are some tips to stylishly combine your diamond rings. 

Different models

The secret of combining different diamond rings, is to play with different shapes and sizes. It is for example better to combine one wide model with some fine rings. That makes the whole a bit lighter.

Choose an eye catcher

To provide an elegant (and balanced) look you best choose one eye catcher, for example your diamond engagement ring, combined with some simpler models. This way you focus on one specific model.

Mixing colors

The time when precious metals had to match, is far behind us. Nowadays there are no limits anymore. Mix yellow- with white gold, or make it more extravagant by combining both yellow-, white- as well as red gold. Platinum is of course also an option. Do you want it more colorful, add some colored diamonds and/or gemstones. Name it.

Budget vs. investment

By combining more expensive diamond rings with some cheaper ones, but not less beautiful, you make the whole beautiful and you create your own playful look. This allows you to vary more, depending on the occasion and your mood.

5 fingers

A hand has 5 fingers, therefore use them all. From thumb to little finger, there is a beautiful diamond ring for every finger. Try, play and see what suits you best.

We at BAUNAT have an extensive diamond rings collection. If you have any questions about a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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