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  • Tailor - made

Today we are presenting to you what we believe are the top three designs for an engagement ring, that represent the perfect combination of elegance, beauty and tradition. The engagement ring is a ring that symbolises love and an engagement to be married. It is an important step in the process of being together for a lifetime.

The diamond solitaire

We can call it a classic, but throughout time, the solitaire engagement ring really has remained a timeless, elegant and beautiful design that is always a guaranteed success.

The solitaire is basically a stunning diamond that plays the main role as it stands on its own on a ring. The advantage with a solitaire is that the diamond is really put forward, whether you choose a round, cushion, princess, oval, pear or even marquise diamond, it will be the centrepiece.

Depending on the size and shape of the diamond, there are several settings to choose from, the most popular ones are the claw or prong setting, ranging from 4 to 8 claws; and the bezel setting where metal frames the whole diamond along the girdle.

The halo design

The halo design is a design that is very popular for several reasons, it adds more overall brilliance to a ring, you have the illusion of a larger centrepiece and it allows you to choose a smaller center diamond as the side diamonds compensate in terms of brightness.

The halo consists of a diamond that is set in the center, usually a round, cushion or oval diamond, which is surrounded by many tiny diamonds, that are often also set along the shank of the ring.

It is a stunning design that offers all the brilliance, fire and glamour one may be looking for.

Tailor - made

Should neither of these two designs be what you are looking for, we would recommend the option of having the ring tailor made for you.

This is an amazing adventure, as with the help of capable designers, you will be able to literally put on paper the idea you have in mind and follow the whole process from design, to choosing the materials and having the ring manufactured.

With this option, not only will you have an original out-of-your-own-head ring, but you will be certain that your fiancée will really appreciate all the thoughtfulness and the work that went into creating her engagement ring.

At BAUNAT we have a large selection of stunning solitaire rings, as well as alluring halo designs that will certainly surprise your loved one. Furthermore, should you really not find what you are looking for, we have an amazing tailor-made service with a team of experts that are at your disposal to follow your dream to reality ring project. We guarantee that your loved one will be over the moon with your choice.

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