It may not be your first proposal, but the love and intent that accompanies this second proposal is probably the same in a different way, if not stronger, as the first one.

  • 2nd proposal: why it is important to give an engagement ring
  • Which type of engagement ring would be recommended

Why it is important to give an engagement ring even if it’s not your first proposal

We strongly believe that the tradition of presenting your fiancée with an engagement ring at the moment you propose, needs to remain, as it symbolises your love and wish to live together happily for the rest of your lives and that applies whether it is your first, second or other proposal.

The ring, a circle, is thought of as a symbol of eternity and has been since the Ancient Egyptians. There are many cultures that have used the ring as a symbol of partnership and even ownership if we look back at the Romans, but thankfully today it is not as much the case, it is more of a symbol of love and belonging. The diamond itself, it is said to have been added to the ring later, around the 1400s, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned an engagement ring with a diamond for his wife-to-be Mary of Burgundy.

Therefore, even if this may not be your first proposal, the feelings, the intent and the love need to be symbolised and what better way to do so than with an unique engagement ring that will make your beloved one scream of joy.

Which type of engagement ring would be recommended for a second proposal

You have decided to propose to your beloved one and to accompany this proposal with an engagement ring and although it may not be the first time you shop for a ring like this, you are wondering which one to choose.

You may have a larger budget today and a more mature taste in life and your fiancée probably has her own preferences too; so you clearly want something different to mark this special day.

There clearly isn’t a special design for this type of situation, but we would recommend, a statement ring, something that will literally dazzle your partner.

Such as a round or cushion cut diamond of high quality, surrounded by a myriad of small brilliant diamonds followed by a river of even smaller diamonds that ornate the shank of a 18kt white gold ring.

BAUNAT offers these types of designs and more. Stunning rings with diamonds that shine with fire and scintillation, made from the best craftsmen in Antwerp and at the best prices available on the market.

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