• What are the 5 C's?
  • What is the difference between white gold and platinum?
  • What does your choice between platinum or white gold depend on?

White gold and platinum look very similar at first glance but differs in many areas. How do you recognize them? Well, using the five C's: Composition, Coulour, Cost, Care and Culture. A preference for platinum or white gold? Get to know the difference between white gold and platinum here.

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1st C: How does the composition of white gold differ from platinum?

Unlike platinum jewellery, there is no such thing as jewellery in pure white gold. To achieve the white colour, yellow gold is mixed with silver, nickel, palladium and/or manganese. After that, the item is finished off with a layer of rhodium. Most white gold diamond jewellery falls in the category of 18 carats, which consists of 75% pure gold. That addition is needed, not only for the colour but also for strength.
Pure gold is too pliable and therefore not suitable for making jewellery. That's why we're always talking about a gold alloy, a combination of gold and another metal
Woman with platinum jewellery from BAUNAT that are hypoallergenic compared to white gold

Platinum is not an alloy, but a raw material

Platinum jewellery is made of pure platinum ore and is both hypoallergenic and very durable. An important difference between white gold and platinum! Jewellery in platinum is not only stronger and more scratch-resistant, but also weighs more than a white gold specimen.

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2nd C: What colour does white gold and platinum have?

At first glance, jewellery in white gold and platinum seems to have the same colour, but this is in fact not the case. An engagement ring in white gold can be recognized by the pronounced silver sparkle, while the colour of platinum tends to lean more to grey. Due to the colour difference between platinum and white gold, a combination of these two precious metals is not recommended. If your partner chooses a platinum engagement ring, then also go for a platinum wedding rings.
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Maintenance is sometimes necessary

It is important to know that white gold jewellery, because it consists of 75% yellow gold, will eventually develop a yellowish appearance. Regular maintenance is therefore necessary. A platinum ring retains its white grey colour for life.

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Woman with white gold BAUNAT jewellery. Just as popular as platinum

The price also differs

Platinum is usually more expensive than white gold and there are several reasons for this. First of all, platinum is much stronger than white gold. In addition, it is much rarer. Each year, in comparison, fewer platinum ore is mined than gold ore. It concerns just under 200 tonnes compared to 1500 tonnes of ore respectively.

If you decide against buying platinum, but rather white gold, you can invest the money you saved in a larger diamond for your engagement ring. But of course, the choice is absolutely yours.

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How does white gold retain its colour?

As we mentioned before, a white gold engagement ring can eventually develop a yellow gold appearance as the rhodium layer around the ring gradually wears off. However, this will be mainly at the bottom of the ring. By repeatedly reapplying the rhodium to the jewellery (galvanic coating with a layer of rhodium), a white gold ring retains its white colour. There is therefore clearly a difference between platinum and white gold in maintenance.
Cleaning white gold or platinum jewellery yourself is easier than you think. Even for jewellery with diamonds, you have the right cleaning agents at home

How do I look after my platinum?

Platinum needs less maintenance as it also wears out less quickly. After all, it is not an alloy and doesn't oxidise. We do recommend that you clean platinum jewellery yourself on a regular basis. In time, it is recommended to have your platinum jewellery cleaned professionally by a jeweller.

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5th C: What is the symbolism of platinum and white gold?

Gold has been the most traditional precious metal for engagement and wedding rings for years and symbolizes eternal love and dedication between partners. Gold is also often associated with royalty and divinity. Yet platinum seems gradually to become the new symbol of prestige and wealth. Many artists have already been awarded a platinum record, and anyone with a platinum credit card enjoys more privileges and benefits than the holder of a gold credit card. So, the tide has turned.
Platinum wins ground, but white gold is still the most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings – BAUNAT

In popular culture too

Platinum is also associated with patience, determination and perseverance in popular culture. Whether you choose rings in platinum or white gold: the symbolic value is assured!

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What else should I know about precious metals like white gold and platinum?

Would you like to know more about the investment value of white gold or platinum or how the precious metals became popular? Glean all you need to know in the following interesting blogs. Read them now and become a true jewellery expert.
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