A beautiful diamond ring on your finger can add elegance to your office while representing lasting love. It can also have an emotional value, as is often the case with an heirloom.

But what finger do you wear your engagement ring on? Though people traditionally wear it on their left hand, on the ring finger, different fingers have different meanings.

You may choose to wear your engagement ring on your middle finger, ring finger, or index finger. In this article, we’ll explain the meaning behind each finger, so you can make the right choice for yourself.  In this article, we’ll discuss how wearing your engagement ring or wedding band on your:

  • Ring finger represents love and devotion.
  • Thumb represents masculinity and power.
  •  Index finger stands for self-confidence, ambition and leadership.
  •  Middle finger stands for responsibility, humanity and universal law.

We’ll also cover:

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The significance of a ring on a specific finger

In theory, you could wear a ring on any finger. Whether this is your ring finger, little finger or thumb, you are completely free to decide. Most people wear engagement rings on their ring finger, usually on their left hand.

For those who don’t know, the ring finger is just next to the little finger. People believed that the vein from the heart travelled through that finger, giving it extra significance. Nowadays people wear their engagement ring on the ring finger of their left or right hand as a longstanding tradition.

If someone wears her wedding ring on their  middle finger, it doesn’t hold  special significance. This may be because the ring has become too loose on the ring finger and it needs to be resized. Otherwise, she may just  prefer it that way.

If you are married, then you typically wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the ring finger of your left hand.

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What does a ring on the thumb mean?

The thumb is the only finger that does not correspond to a Roman god. The Greeks did associate the thumb with masculinity and power. Just think of the emperor using his thumb to decide who lived and who died in ancient times.
Thumb ring: BAUNAT reveals the meaning.
The thumb has positive connotations as well, when offering a thumbs up signal, for example.  A thumb ring for men and women often implies someone is distinguished and confident.

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What does a ring on the index finger mean?

BAUNAT index finger rings and their meaning.
The index finger corresponds to the Roman god Jupiter, the king of Gods. The index finger stands for self-confidence, ambition and leadership. A ring worn on the right index finger is supposed to symbolise a desire for power and rule. Alternatively, this choice could correspond with discretion.

What is the meaning of a ring on the middle finger?

Wearing a ring on your middle finger is perfect. BAUNAT explains the meaning.
The middle finger ring represents  balance and structure.

When a woman wears another ring on her middle finger, it generally doesn’t have a meaning. People may choose to place a ring on any finger, but a middle finger ring is prominent and easily visible, so it can mean balance and stability.

The middle finger is also supposed to be the perfect finger for showing off your ring to everyone. According to psychologists, this choice suggests someone wishes  to show off their ring as well as themself. Fate and magic are also associated with wearing a ring on your middle finger.

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What is the meaning of a ring on the ring finger?

A ring on the ring finger represents love - BAUNAT
The ring finger is linked to Apollo. Next to love, Apollo also represents beauty, elegance and compassion. Because it’s the most precious finger, an engagement and a wedding ring are usually worn on that finger.

Other kinds of rings are also highly suitable to wear on the ring finger.

What does a ring on the little finger mean?

A ring on the little finger is supposed represents elloquence. It also suggests the wearer is a convincing leader. 

People with extraordinary talents, who are bright and resourceful, wear rings on their little finger. In times gone by, men wore a signet ring on their little finger to sign important documents with, giving these rings vintage connotations.
People with extraordinary talents, who are bright and resourceful wear rings on their little finger.
Now you know which finger you should wear your ring on, it is important to know your ring size to find a band that fits your finger well. You can use a ring sizer to do this. You can also go to your jeweller with a ring that fits properly, and have your ring size measured there.

The significance of wearing a ring on the left or right hand

BAUNAT ring being worn on the left hand
If you wear your ring every day, you would naturally choose the hand that is most comfortable for you to wear it on. Certain rings associated with anniversaries often go on a specific hand, depending on your culture or the country you live in.

For example, it is customary in some Western (Christian) countries to wear your engagement ring on the left and move it to the right when you get married. The wedding ring then goes on the left hand. Many married women, however, choose to wear wedding and engagement rings together, on the left hand.

If you want to wear another ring as well as your wedding ring and engagement ring, you can choose whether to wear it on the same or another hand. An eternity ring might even be worn on the same finger, for instance.
the right hand is associated with giving and the left hand with receiving. If a Chinese partner is wearing their wedding ring on the left, it means that they expect to receive more than they give in marriage.
Some Chinese partners choose to wear their wedding ring on the left, if they wish to suggest they expect more than they give in marriage.
The meaning of rings in Ancient Rome. – BAUNAT
The Romans believed that a wedding ring should be worn on the left since that hand, and the Vena Amoris or vein in the ring finger, is closest to the heart.

In some cultures, it is customary to move the wedding ring to the other hand when someone loses their partner. Both wedding rings can also be worn together, too, in which case the deceased partner's ring is worn behind the survivor's ring. Both rings can also be reworked by the jeweller into a widow ring.
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Frequently asked Questions

How to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring?

In most Western cultures, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In the past, people believed that this finger was the 'artery of love' that was connected directly to the heart. After marriage in some countries, the engagement ring is moved to the middle finger of the left hand to make room for the wedding ring on the ring finger. Here, most people wear both rings on the left hand, although some prefer to wear the wedding ring on the right-hand ring finger.

On which side do women wear bracelets?

Most women wear their bracelets and watches on their non-dominant hand. So if you are right-handed, you wear your bracelet on the left and vice versa. We do this mainly for practical reasons. Your bracelet can get in the way when writing or when performing certain actions. However, if you wear a watch and several bracelets together, the whole thing quickly looks messy and it is better to wear the bracelets on the other arm.

Engagement ring which hand/engagement ring which hand Muslim/engagement ring which hand Christian

The engagement ring: on which hand do I wear it? The engagement ring: on which hand do I wear it as a Muslim? The engagement ring: on which hand do I wear it as a Christian?

In most cultures, people wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger. As a Christian, you can also wear the engagement ring on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right hand. In countries of the Islam culture, the hand on which rings are worn varies from country to country. Jordan Muslims wear their wedding ring on the right hand, but in Iran people choose the left hand. 

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