• Where can I store my valuable investments most effectively?
  • How do I acquire my own safe?

You need to carefully protect all your valuable items. One way of doing this is by storing all your gold and diamond jewellery and investments in precious metals in a safe. This will ensure your possessions are always safe, whether or not you are at home.

Where can I store my valuable investments most effectively?

Have you opted for a smart investment in raw materials like unique diamonds or precious metals? Then you will have some valuable stones and nuggets in your home. These naturally need careful protection. Which means safe storage. A safe is the most obvious option, in combination with other security measures, such as camera security. Are you often away from home because of long working hours or business trips? Then you would be best off opting for a safe at the bank. They have top quality security systems. And it means you won’t need to introduce any changes at home.

Would you rather keep your possessions and investments within easy reach? Then invest in your own safe at home. Especially where items like gold with diamond jewellery are concerned, you probably don’t want to waste time going to the bank before wearing them.

How do I acquire my own safe?

  1. Which type of safe should I choose?

Pay attention to certificates. The certificate will change depending on your safe’s degree of protection. These certificates are important for many insurance policies in case of damage or a burglary. So make sure you opt for a sufficiently certified safe.

  1. Which type of lock should I choose?

You would be best off investing in a top quality safe for all your valuable possessions. A fingerprint lock is very safe, but it will be somewhat more expensive. You can also assess whether you want burglary protection, fire protection or a mixture of the two. The latter will offer you optimal protection.

  1. How big does my safe need to be?

Gather up all of your gold and diamond jewellery, property deeds and other valuable items. This will allow you to instantly see the physical space you need. Are there any other valuable investments I am going to make? This is a wise question to answer before buying a safe. If you know you are planning on adding a bar of platinum in the future, then make sure you order a safe which is one or two sizes bigger.

  1. How do I install my safe?

Safes are safest when anchored into the floor or wall, or concreted in. Are you going to have your safe professionally installed? Then you’ll be sure it has been securely installed. Safety specialists will often offer the safe and the installation as a package.

Which investments can be added to my safe? Why should I opt for investments in raw materials such as gold, diamonds and platinum? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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