Both the engagement ring and the wedding ring are usually a major purchase, as they involve precious metals and gemstones. It is an investment in two crucial steps in a couple's life - the promise of marriage and the wedding. But which ring should cost how much?

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What factors determine the price of an engagement ring and wedding band?

One factor that determines the price of a ring is which precious metal is used and its proportion in the alloy. A gold ring made of 333 gold (8 carat), which contains only 33% pure gold and 66% of other metals, is cheaper than a high-quality ring made of 750 gold (18 carat), which consists of 75% pure gold. The gold colour is not decisive, it is created by the other metals added to the gold. The particularly resistant and hypoallergenic 950 platinum costs much more than silver.

When choosing a ring that will be worn on your finger for a lifetime, you should opt for precious metals of the highest quality that do not tarnish, cause skin irritation and can withstand the adversities of everyday life for decades.

The larger the ring, the thicker and wider the ring band, the more precious metal has to be used, which increases the price accordingly.
Engagement rings with different sized diamonds - A selection of engagement rings in different price ranges
The second factor that predominantly plays a role in engagement rings, but also increasingly in wedding rings, is the gemstones used. The first choice for the engagement ring is the diamond. Classic solitaire engagement rings with a round cut diamond are the best-selling diamond rings at any jeweller. Rings with multiple diamonds, such as trilogy engagement rings with 3 stones or entourage engagement rings, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Should the engagement ring cost more than the wedding ring?

In an average engagement ring, the diamonds make up a large part of the total price. The larger the diamonds and the better their quality, the more expensive the ring. Wedding rings with diamonds are trendy, and yet many couples still opt for the very classic option, i.e. the plain wedding ring in yellow or white gold.

Thus, the wedding ring usually costs less than the engagement ring with one or more diamonds. However, this does not mean that the engagement ring automatically has to be more expensive than the wedding ring. There are no binding rules. You and your partner should be free to decide what budget to invest in which ring. How many carats the engagement ring should have depends entirely on your own financial circumstances and preferences.

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Engagement rings with different sized diamonds - A selection of engagement rings in different price ranges

A single ring for the engagement and wedding?

The most pragmatic approach to avoiding the question of whether the engagement ring should be more expensive than the wedding ring would be to choose a single ring for both occasions. As unusual as this idea may sound, it has been a tradition in many countries for centuries. After all, the history of engagement rings as we know them today only began in the 15th century. Before that, a single ring, usually made of simple metals and without precious stones, was the norm.
Nowadays, most women want a beautiful and impressive engagement ring in addition to the wedding ring, which in German-speaking countries is often worn after the wedding as a prefix to the wedding ring. Should you decide on a single ring for engagement and marriage, this should be a joint decision to avoid disappointment.

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