The emerald has a history that goes back many thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, more than 1500 years before our era, there were already the first emerald mines. The legendary Queen Cleopatra VII, who ruled over the Greco-Ptolemaic Empire and Egypt at the same time, was said to have a very special fondness for the green gemstones. Find out why an emerald bracelet or bangle is an excellent choice.

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What distinguishes emeralds as gemstones?

Along with the diamond, ruby and sapphire, the emerald is one of the classic gemstones that have all the typical characteristics: a certain rarity, its own transparency and a Mohs hardness of over 7 – in the case of the emerald it is 7.5-8. Predestined for processing in fine jewelry.

Emeralds are a variety of the mineral beryl, blue forms are called aquamarine, pink ones are called morganite, yellow ones are called gold beryl or helidor, whereas the green ones are called emerald. The color is created, much like colored diamonds, by the inclusion of certain substances in the crystal lattice of the gemstone. In the case of emerald, it is chromium that gives the stone its typical deep green colour.

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As with diamonds, emeralds are graded by weight in carat, colour, clarity and quality of cut – the well-known 4C. The shape usually chosen is the emerald cut, a step or stair cut with a large table. This brings out the best of the emerald, its clarity, brilliance and colour.

Emeralds often have more or less strong inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye, eye-clean or flawless stones are very rare and expensive. These small birthmarks, however, interfere with the emerald less than, for example, more included colourless diamonds.

What are the types of emerald bracelets?

Currently, pure diamond bracelets are particularly popular, bangles or bracelets set only with emeralds are less popular today than, for example, at the time of the Art Deco. Emeralds are particularly beautiful when combined with accompanying or surrounding diamonds. The emerald for colour and sparkle, the diamonds for added fire and sparkle, a perfect liaison.

A good example is the tennis bracelet, which can alternate between a diamond and an emerald, or a classic bangle in the form of a slave bracelet, partly set with diamonds and partly with emeralds.

There are many options, however the standard offerings of many jewelers or online jewelers are rather limited because the demand for emerald jewelry is more limited than that for pure diamond jewelry. Therefore, if you are looking for the emerald gold bracelet of your dreams, tailor made is the easiest way to go. Priced not much more expensive than an off-the-shelf offer, but here you can bring all your ideas, templates, drawings and pictures you found. Together with you, experienced jewelry designers will then create a 3D model, according to which the bracelet will be made exclusively for you.

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Why buy an emerald gold bracelet at BAUNAT?

As a young and innovative company, BAUNAT goes new ways, starting with the purchase of diamonds and gemstones directly at the source, instead of through wholesalers and middlemen. As a customer, you benefit directly from these favourable purchase prices, without compromising on quality.

The same applies to the usual fixed costs of jewelers: instead of large retail stores with lots of sales staff, BAUNAT relies on showrooms where you can get detailed advice from experts by appointment. A large part of the business is digitalized and runs online, the company structure is lean and efficient.

No expense is saved on the quality of your emerald bracelet or bangle, BAUNAT uses only high quality 750 gold and 950 platinum, all diamonds and gemstones are 100% natural and certified. Your piece of jewelry will be made for you directly in the world capital of diamonds: Antwerp, Belgium. The company’s motto is "Smart Luxury", luxurious jewelry for the highest demands, at a very attractive price.

Do you want to buy a high quality bracelet with emeralds and diamonds? The experts at BAUNAT are looking forward to giving you a free and non-binding consultation. Contact them now.

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