• White gold: an ideal metal for a bracelet
  • How to choose a white gold bracelet according to your body shape?
  • How to choose a white gold bracelet according to your lifestyle?

White gold is a precious metal that perfectly embodies luxury and elegance. Its sublime shine and resistance creates long lasting, quality pieces. Once outshone by yellow gold, these days white gold is back on the scene, particularly with the timeless white gold bracelet.

White gold: an ideal metal for a bracelet

White gold is the ideal metal to make a bracelet to give as a gift. Bijouterie BAUNAT helps you choose the style and model that best fits your needs. The white gold bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of jewellery for a gift: birthday, communion, Christmas For those who prefer yellow gold, read our article on the yellow gold bracelet for women.

Gold is available in different colours on the market, including yellow, pink and white. Today, white gold lends itself to the creation of trendy jewels. That's why a white gold bracelet is an excellent choice if you want to offer a timeless jewel to someone close to your heart. Read this article on the differences between yellow, white and red gold.

At BAUNAT, white gold bracelets are available in several different models and styles. Just choose the white gold bracelet that will best suit your loved one.

Choosing a white gold bracelet according to your body shape

One of the most important criteria for choosing a bracelet is the body shape of the person who will wear it. Indeed, for a white gold bracelet to show your other half in her best light, it should be perfectly adapted to her size and body shape.

So, you should bear in mind that a voluminous white gold bracelet is more suited to curvier women. If you nevertheless find that she prefers finer bracelets, then the best idea is to layer bracelets to create volume.

For slender women, choose a finer and more delicate white gold bracelet to avoid cluttering up the silhouette. If your other half likes to wear colourful jewellery, the white gold bracelet can be set with precious stones for even greater effect on your wrist.

Choosing a white gold bracelet according to your lifestyle

Another criterion to consider when choosing a white gold bracelet: the lifestyle of the person who will wear it. Because white gold is a strong and easy-to-maintain metal, a white gold bracelet will suit all activities.

However, while some models can withstand daily wear, others are much more fragile. Contact our experts, who will advise you on the most suitable model.

If you are looking for an exceptional white gold bracelet that your other half could wear on special occasions, browse the collections of BAUNAT's designers.

A white gold bracelet studded with diamonds will add a touch of originality to your outfit. White gold blends perfectly with different types of precious stones, but don't neglect the aesthetic side, especially if you're thinking of placing an order with a jewellery expert.

Are you looking to buy a white gold bracelet? Bijouterie BAUNAT is at your side to help you in your choice. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be delighted to advise you

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