Have you recently decided to propose to your loved one, then you are probably looking for the perfect engagement ring right now. Maybe you are even considering personalizing your ring. If this is the case, you've come to the right place. Here you can find our favorite ways:

1. Add colour

Colour is a great way to add a personal touch to her engagement ring. Choose a coloured diamond as a central stone - preferably her favorite colour – and have it surrounded by multiple colourless diamonds, or opt for a subtle colour accent. However coloured diamonds are pretty pricey. Gemstones are therefore a good alternative, for which we prefer sapphires and rubies. Blue sapphires are associated with royalty, truth, honesty and faithfulness. A red Ruby on the other hand is the symbol of love, and ideal for women with a classic style. By combining a gemstone with colourless diamonds, the engagement ring will exude pure luxury.

2. Engravings

A special way to make an engagement ring more unique is to engrave the ring before gifting it to her. A personal message, your names or initials, a date that has a special meaning for the both of you, etc., a lot of things can be engraved. Such a sentimental surprise will definitely not leave her untouched.

3. Mix precious metals

Another beautiful and striking choice is a bicolor engagement ring. Combine 2 different precious metals for an original effect: for example, white and red gold or the classic combination yellow with white gold. With such a ring you will surely make a creative statement, a nice way to ask for her hand in marriage.

4. Red gold

Red Gold is a unique precious metal that has become very popular these recent years. Is your loved one a fan of vintage fashion and does she like things that are more striking and original? Then a diamond engagement ring in red gold will be the best choice, especially if it highlights her personality even more. Different, yet timeless and elegant.

5. Tailor made

At BAUNAT it is possible to design a custom made jewel for your other half, like an engagement ring. A one of a kind design made by you or an existing model from our extensive collection engagement rings can be adjusted to her style and taste, both options are possible. Talk about a personal touch!

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