• What do engagement rings with 2 diamonds symbolise?
  • Which engagement ring with 2 stones does she like best?
  • What colour precious stones are available?

Engagement rings also follow trends. One charming new trend is an engagement ring with 2 diamonds. Twice as elegant and twice as symbolic in the romantic history of diamonds. Do you truly want to surprise your beloved when you propose? Get advice here about an engagement ring with 2 precious stones, which says more than a 1000 words.

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What Does an Engagement Ring With 2 Diamonds Symbolise?

The hardness of a diamond symbolises the undying love between you and your betrothed. This is why this stone has been inextricably associated with the engagement ring and proposing marriage for centuries. An engagement ring with two diamonds emphasises that association twice as strongly. The two stones stand for prosperity and love. Is that not precisely what you want from your marriage and future together?

A two-diamond engagement ring is also a symbol for you and her. This is why the ring is often called the Toi et Moi ring.


Which Two-Diamond Engagement Ring She Like Best?

Do you find the symbolism of a double diamond engagement ring charming? Then you have a choice of several designs. Do you prefer white gold, yellow gold, red gold or platinum? Take a look at your partner's jewellery box to find out which precious metal she prefers wearing. Remember, that you will look for wedding rings soon and she might want the engagement and wedding rings to be similar.
Engagement rings with 2 diamonds are usually set with 2 round diamonds. But a more oval, pear-shaped or square diamond is also perfectly possible. The diamonds don't even need to be the same size. And it doesn't even need to be 2 diamonds

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What colour precious stones are available?

We are talking here about an engagement ring with 2 diamonds, but nobody is saying they need to be colourless diamonds. For something unique and eye-catching on her left ring finger, choose 2 natural coloured diamonds. Same colour or 2 different colours? The choice is yours. Remember that naturally coloured diamonds are even rarer, and so more expensive, than the colourless versions. So always bear your budget in mind when choosing her engagement ring.

An alternative to coloured diamonds? A red ruby, blue sapphire or green emerald are also options. If you really can't find what you are looking for, consider designing an engagement ring yourself . Talk about something unique and eye-catching!

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Which design will you choose?

Nobody can doubt that a ring with two diamonds is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Yet a more vintage design or a trilogy ring are definitely options too. Plenty to choose from. You can read more in these blogs about the various designs and cost guidelines.
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