What is engraving?

Lets start from the basics and try to understand what is the art of engraving as a whole and where it comes from.

The art of engraving is essentially the practice of incising grooves onto a hard surface. Thereby designing a pattern on a variety of surfaces such as glass and different metals.

Historically, engravings were very much used to produce images on paper through the method called printmaking.

To engrave, the different artisans, goldsmiths, glass engravers or gunsmiths, would use the cold chisel, which is the essential cutting tool for engraving by hand or machines.

Today, we also have laser engravers that use a very advanced technology to engrave in all sorts of materials, including diamonds!

How is it applied to jewellery specifically?

Jewellery engraving has become more and more popular in the last years, although it has been around for a very long time. Whether you wish to engrave a few words or letters on the back of a watch for a special anniversary, or you have the initials of your children engraved on a pendant to carry with you everyday, the number of possibilities are numerous.

For instance, a popular engraving that you would see a lot in the 1970-80’s for example is the gourmette bracelet with the name and/or the date of the newborn baby that was either worn by the baby in his/her earlier years or actually carried as an emotional souvenir.

Today, we have noticed that numerous people have a line, a word, a date engraved in their diamond rings or wedding bands, to remind them forever of that special day where they were united in a ceremony or to celebrate a very special occasion.

Choosing to engrave your diamond ring

Why would you choose to engrave your diamond ring? We believe there are several reasons one would choose to do so, namely: to personalise, to identify and to express an emotion and celebrate a special occasion.

The very first idea is mostly to personalise a diamond ring, with a word, a symbol, numbers, practically anything that you could think of. That is thanks to today’s availability in terms of advanced tools needed to create any design you wish for.

Closely interconnected to the personalisation is the emotional aspect of an engraving, which is always present when celebrating a special date, occasion and sharing the piece of jewellery with someone close.

Then comes also the more pragmatic use of engraving a diamond ring or any type of jewellery which is for the purpose of identification. Sometimes diamond rings or other pieces of jewellery and watches can resemble one another or even be the same, but with an engraving it suddenly really becomes unique and therefore easier to identify quickly!

At BAUNAT, we offer a fantastic personalisation service, which can even start from the designing of the whole diamond ring from scratch - to the very last but not least engraving of your special word or symbol to represent your sentiment.

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