• How can diamond rings be adjusted if the size is wrong?
  • Which rings can’t be resized?
  • How can I make sure I’m ordering the right size?

Buying diamond jewellery is always a challenge. Which style are you looking for? What would fit in with the rest of her jewellery? You could almost forget that the size is also incredibly important when buying a ring. How can I make sure I’m ordering the right size ring? What if the size proves to be wrong?

How can diamond rings be adjusted if the size is wrong?

There’s often something that can be done when you order a diamond ring in the wrong size. The jeweller where you ordered the ring from knows his own work best and will therefore be your best choice. Making a ring smaller is easier than increasing it in size. This involves taking a small amount out of the band, after which it’s resealed again. Making a ring bigger is a little more difficult. Where only a small increase in size is needed, the metal of the diamond ring is usually stretched.

If the ring needs to undergo a significant increase in size, the jeweller will cut the band and melt a piece of the same metal at both ends. If this process is done correctly, you will not be able to tell anything’s been done to the ring.

Which rings can’t be resized?

Altering the size is usually not a problem with the most common types of diamond ring. It becomes a more difficult process with rings which have a complicated pattern on the band, or which contain too many diamonds. An eternity ring is almost impossible to alter. The tightly fitting diamonds are chosen to perfectly fit along the band. A change in size is therefore not possible.

Plus an unforeseen resizing like this could damage the stones. Something you naturally want to avoid with a beautiful piece of jewellery like this.

How can I make sure I’m ordering the right size?

It goes without saying you would be best off ordering the right size ring straight away. This is very easily done by having the finger measured by the jeweller. Is the diamond ring going to be a surprise? Then you still have options available to you to measure the size correctly. The most reliable way to be sure of the right size is to take an existing ring which fits well to the jeweller. So make sure this is a ring she often wears and which is definitely going to be the right size. The professional measurement taken by the jeweller will ensure a unique diamond ring which will always be the right size.

What if I ordered the wrong size and the ring needs to be adjusted? Who can help me to get the right size? BAUNAT can help you with a size adjustment, providing the ring was purchased from BAUNAT. You can ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice regarding whether a size adjustment of your specific ring is possible and at what price.

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