Engagement celabration gift box with a black bow

How to celebrate our engagement?

Are you looking for ideas on how to celebrate an engagement? Here you will find some tips from BAUNAT.

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Diamond earrings and ring

How do you determine the budget for your engagement ring?

During your search for the perfect engagement ring, you of course need to know how much to budget for. Our experts will advise you on the price of an engagement ring.

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Engagement ring with sapphire from BAUNAT

What does an engagement ring cost?

The price of an engagement ring is the subject of much speculation and theories. Let BAUNAT clarify the price rule for an engagement ring.

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Engaged couple wearing diamond engagement ring

5 Excuses To Use When You Want To Purchase An Engagement Ring Unnoticed

Do you need help to buy an engagement ring without raising suspicion? Get some helpful tips to purchase an engagement ring unnoticed in this BAUNAT guide.

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Engagement Ring BAUNAT

What is the Best Nail Colour For a Gold Engagement Ring?

Are you looking for the perfect nail colour to match your brand new engagement ring? Discover the best nail colour for gold engagement rings with BAUNAT.

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Wedding rings

Why You Should Invest In An Engagement Ring Carrier?

Explore BAUNAT’s comprehensive engagement ring catalogue today.

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