An engagement ring is a traditional part of announcing an engagement. But are you limited to choosing a ring with a diamond? Definitely not! If you want to surprise your intended with a unique, symbolic ring, you could choose an engagement ring with a coloured gemstone for their unusual meaning.

What does a gold engagement ring with a sapphire mean?

For centuries, the sapphire has been loved by imperial and royal circles. Who hasn’t heard of Lady Di’s famous engagement ring that Kate Middleton now wears? Furthermore, sapphires have a beautiful symbolism. Buying a gold gemstone engagement ring with a sapphire symbolises immortality, wisdom and patience.

The clear blue colour of the sapphire is indicative of a balanced relationship, wise decisions and tolerance – three basic ingredients for a successful marriage.

What is the meaning of a green emerald ring?

One of the most iconic gemstone engagement rings ever was set with a green emerald. In 1953, John F. Kennedy asked Jackie to marry him at a restaurant in Boston. Although their story ended in tragedy, the emerald is still a symbol of love and luck. When you buy a gold ring with an emerald, you are offering your loved one inner peace and physical power. Therefore, it is the perfect gemstone to capture your partner’s heart forever.

Why choose a ruby gemstone engagement ring?

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson was proposed to by Eric Johnson with a beautiful ring with a ruby and two diamonds. Rubies symbolise love and passion. The red colour of the ruby is also associated with courage and fighting spirit, which is why this beautiful red gemstone was often used in the royal crowns. Therefore, ruby jewellery has carried a special meaning for centuries.

Buying a ruby ring set in gold is also ideal if your future spouse loves all things vintage. For even more sparkle and individuality, you can finish the ring with little diamonds.

In the collection of jewellery with ruby, sapphire and emerald, you can find the perfect item in every style, including gemstone engagement rings with their significant meanings. Get inspired or contact BAUNAT for more information. 

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