Gold jewellery comes in different colours. This is because the element of gold - with chemical symbol Au - is a relatively soft, ochre yellow precious metal. In its pure form it is not hard enough to be manipulated into jewellery, and certainly not into rings. If it were to be used it would scratch and even lose its shape in no time.  Other materials are added to create an alloy.  As such, white gold is an alloy similar to red gold and yellow gold. What is white gold exactly and how do you look after it? 

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What is the composition of white gold?

To guarantee jewellery durability, fine gold is melted with other metals into an alloy.  So, what is white gold then? The composition of white gold varies. There is no definitive way to acquire white gold, in fact, each goldsmith will use their own technique. An 18 karat piece of white gold jewellery comprises 75% fine gold mixed with a total of 25% of other metals such as palladium, nickel, zinc and silver in different quantities and ratios.

How can you be sure then of the quality of, say, a white gold ring?  A content stamp will be engraved on the inside of your white gold ring. This quality mark offers you assurance about the alloy calibre. The code in our white gold jewellery is always au750.

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What does rhodium plating of white gold mean?

Simply adding 'white metals' to fine gold  isn't enough to create stunning white gold jewellery. White gold attributes its actual white colour to a layer of rhodium that is applied to the jewellery. This is called rhodium plating white gold. The rhodium coating prevents corrosion and protects your white gold jewellery  from heat, wear & tear, and even some acids.
The rhodium plating lends the 18Ct white gold jewellery its ultra-white colour and prevents white gold from yellowing. Although, on the other hand, it does require more upkeep.
White gold jewellery does necessitate a degree of upkeep. Every 2-10 years (depending on how much you wear your white gold jewellery), it will need to be rhodium plated again, because the precious metal is not colour-fast.  This is one difference with platinum.

This extra step means that white gold jewellery can be more expensive at some jewellers than, for example, yellow gold.  Yet, intrinsically, 18 karat white gold is no more valuable than 18 karat yellow gold; indeed, the proportion of gold is equal. The purchase price of 1 gram of white gold is equal to that of red and yellow gold.

How does white gold differ from platinum?

The difference between white gold and platinum is not always self-evident. Now that we have answered the question 'What is white gold?', we will further examine the query 'What is platinum?', in order to ascertain the difference between these two precious metals.  One striking difference is the colour-fastness referred to above. Over time a platinum ring will not lose its white-grey colour. So, the colour differs substantially too.
Platinum is a highly durable, hypoallergenic raw material, that weighs more than white gold and is more expensive.
White gold diamond ring on a finger. According to BAUNAT, the ideal gold variant for countless jewellery.
Depending on the alloy used, the colour of white gold jewellery will eventually lean towards silver. The choice between white gold and silver is not an easy one. Although, saying that, we would opt for white gold. In contrast, platinum appears to be greyer more quickly.

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What is the history behind white gold?

The use of white gold in jewellery is a relatively recent occurrence. Prior to the Second World War, platinum comprised the main component of white/silver-coloured jewellery.  However, the American government confiscated all platinum during WWII to use it for weaponry: batteries, weapons, aircraft engines ... To compensate for the acute shortage of platinum, jewellers sought an alternative.  And that was white gold.

How about after the war then? The precious metal remained popular due to its allure, affordability and comfort.
White gold diamond ring on a finger. According to BAUNAT, the ideal gold variant for countless jewellery.
It was used more and more to craft jewellery. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces... Besides platinum there was usually a white gold alternative to be found. That is most certainly the case at BAUNAT.

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How to wear and combine white gold jewellery?

White gold looks great with other precious metals. One trend in fact is to combine different colours of gold, even red gold: the so-called stackable rings. As a rule, white gold is recommended if your skin undertone is cool. A cool undertone is blue/pink, whereas a warm undertone is more yellow/olive. People with a cool undertone take longer to tan but do burn and blush more readily.
Diamonds truly come into their own when set in white gold jewellery. Its neutral colour means white gold complements a plethora of precious stones.
White gold diamond ring on a finger. According to BAUNAT, the ideal gold variant for countless jewellery.
White gold is a superlative choice for engagement and wedding rings.  Take, for example, the late Lady Diana's engagement ring that now adorns her daughter-in-law's finger, Duchess Katherine Middleton.  It is an elegant, white gold ring set with an enormous sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.  This might quite possibly be the most famous ring in the world.  Similarly, white gold is an excellent choice for men's  jewellery  too.

What white gold jewellery will you choose?

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What do you still need to know about other precious metals?

White gold jewellery is truly unique in appearance.  Yet, red gold, yellow gold and platinum jewellery are too. When should you opt for gold, and what colour gold should it be? And do you know the difference between white gold and platinum?  Rose gold and red gold feature subtle differences too.  Read all about other precious metals at BAUNAT in these blogs:
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