Who is born in April may call himself lucky. His or her birthstone is actually a diamond. Looking for a gift for your loved one´s birthday that month, you can surprise her with a diamond. Birthstones have been around for ages. With every month of the year comes a beautiful gemstone. We dive a little bit deeper into this topic: the different birthstones in general and in particular the diamond. 

The birthstone

Birthstones belong to the month in which you were born, but sometimes also to your birthday or zodiac sign. For ages, gemstones are set in jewellery, but there is more. It is nice to know the history behind every stone, to know which gemstone belongs to which month and which characteristics have been attributed. The birthstone gives extra luck and other gemstones give you protection in the other months. However you think about the magical powers of gemstones, they make it special.

April = diamond

So the birthstone of the month April is the diamond, the gem among the gemstones. Diamond represents power, strength, luck, love and romance and still appeals to the imagination. Through centuries, the beauty of this stone always fascinated and inspired people. Buying a diamond for your loved one is therefore the ultimate love gift.

Other birthstones

Just like you can buy a diamond for your love one celebrating her birthday in April, you can also surprise others celebrating their birthday in another month with a birthstone. With every month of the year comes a beautiful gemstone. We put them in a nutshell:

January: Garnet

February: amethyst

March: aquamarine

April: diamond

May: emerald

June: pearl

July: ruby

August: peridot

September, sapphire

October: opal

November: topaz

December: turquoise

Are you planning to buy a jewel set with diamonds, then you have come to the right place. Sure to take a look at our extensive collection. If you have any questions about a specific model do not hesitate to contact us. 

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