• All the facts about the world's first ring made of a single diamond

Sparkling diamonds always attract attention. The so-called King of the Precious Stones owes its almost incomparable popularity to the values associated with it: love, rarity and history. If you decide to buy a unique diamond, you have every right to expect a natural wonder.

Diamonds - the fascinating gifts of the earth

Every diamond is a highly complex and fascinating natural product. Even though diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth, it possible, even if very rarely, that a diamond can be damaged or even broken by rough treatment.

Diamonds are a modification of pure carbon, which usually forms colourless and transparent crystals. Diamonds take several million years to form. 150 kilometres below the earth’s surface, the carbon solidifies under extremely high temperatures and extremely high pressure. However, diamonds can also emerge when meteorites hit the earth and the carbon present is compressed by the tremendous impact.

A pure diamond ring with 150 carats

€ 100.000,00, € 600.000,00 or 3.500.000,00… engagement rings worn by celebrities are already priced extremely high. But next to this unique diamond ring, which is made purely from diamond, the price tag of jewellery of the celebrities and even some royal wedding rings is insignificant.

€ 52.000.000,00 - the world's most expensive diamond ring

The classic combination of valuable precious metal and precious diamonds had become too boring for the luxury jeweller Shawish from Switzerland. For this reason, he created a diamond ring that lives up to its name. a 150 carat diamond ring, made entirely from….diamond. And now, this unique piece of jewellery is looking for the perfect buyer!

The Swiss jewellers and jewellery artists needed a whole year to design the Diamond Ring of the Century at their Geneva headquarters and then produce it. To cut the ring out of pure diamond, a laser tool was needed, which had to be developed and built for this purpose. This makes the enormous price somewhat more understandable. If diamonds are really women's best friends, then this diamond ring may even be a magical unicorn.

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