Most diamond rings comprise a precious metal band such as silver, gold or platinum, with one or more diamonds set into it. Until recently, making a ring entirely out of diamonds seemed an impossible mission. Until jewellers at Shawish became the first to succeed. They crafted a ring which is 100% diamond.


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Ring entirely of diamond

The first ever diamond ring made entirely from diamond

Traditionally, a diamond ring comprises a band in gold, silver or platinum with one or more diamonds set into it. That was a bit too ordinary for luxury jeweller's Shawish of Geneva, Switzerland. A team of jewellers and diamond cutters created the ultimate in diamond rings. They managed to design and craft a 150-carat diamond ring cut entirely from a single rough diamond. This unique jewellery was valued at a whopping $70 million. However, it is not likely to become an everyday item thanks to the enormous cost.

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Unique craftsmanship

The Swiss jewellers and craftsmen at Shawish took an entire year to design and fashion the diamond ring. They needed a special piece of laser equipment for this all-diamondcustom-made ring, which did not yet exist,. The laser cutter had first to be designed and fabricated. Which of course also explains the enormously high price. Following a number of prototypes, the final result is amazing.
Jony Ive's all-diamond ring

Apple's Jony Ive does it again

Obviously, it wasn't going to be long before someone else tried to cut a ring entirely out of diamond. That was Jony Ive. He was Chief Design Officer at Apple, responsible for the design of the iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Airpods. He teamed up with Marc Newson, a well-known industrial designer, to create an all-diamond ring, too. They did this in a good cause. The ring was auctioned to raise money for the Global Fund and the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The ring went under the hammer in December, 2018,  for $256,250 and had a staggering number of facets: between two and three thousand.

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A ring fashioned exclusively from diamond may still seem beyond normal reach, but an eternity ring has at least as much fire, thanks to its all-diamond setting. Are you looking for a beautiful diamond ring? You will find high-quality jewellery in our collections, with 100% natural diamonds. Our experts will help you choose the right design.

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