Are you planning on buying a diamond engagement ring in order to propose to your girlfriend? Then you better think twice about the diamond size, more specifically, the budget of the ring. Recent research shows that giving her an expensive engagement ring, set with an exclusive colourless or coloured diamond, reduces the chances of getting divorced significantly. In the past, we may have claimed that the size of the diamond doesn’t matter, however it looks like we have to revise our statement. Because we all dream of the perfect and successful marriage, don’t we?

Traditionally, men buy engagement rings worth 3 months’ payment. However, in real terms, they spend way less. A research done with 1.000 women proves that they who spend more than 1.400 Euro on an engagement ring, are less likely to divorce. A 43 percent from the questioned women received an engagement ring that was less than 400 Euro, while 26 percent got a ring between 400 and 1.400 Euro. From the interviewees who were recently divorced – a total of 150 women – only one got an engagement ring worth more than 7.000 Euro. About 54 percent of the divorced women received a diamond ring from less than 400 Euro. Their engagement ring clearly didn’t leave a big impression.

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