• What is the right price for an engagement ring?
  • How much should my diamond ring cost, according to research?
  • What other aspects are essential when choosing the perfect ring?

Ready to get married? Then you are sure to be looking for the perfect engagement ring. The tradition of a diamond ring for the engagement started centuries ago, and you naturally want to honour that tradition. However, our experience shows that not just any ring will suffice. So, how much should my engagement ring cost? What else should I pay attention to? Find out in this guide.

What is the Right Price for an Engagement Ring?

Because of the De Beers' campaign at the beginning of the last century, the right price for a diamond engagement ring is considered to be roughly three months' wages. However, that is a difficult amount to aim for. Not only do people’s monthly salary vary, but it is important to prioritise the quality and beauty of the ring. In other words: it is difficult to recommend a fixed price.
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How Much Should My Diamond Ring Cost, According to Research?

A study revealed that certain target prices for engagement rings are quite important, and divorce rate is lower for couples with an expensive engagement ring. It turned out that most divorces occur with engagement rings under €400. These figures, in turn, dropped with engagement rings that cost more than €7,000. Why was that? The cheaper ring cost reflects financial difficulties in the relationship and usually the marriage that follows as well.

The most important conclusion from the research is that it is not the most important price, but that it is a ring that you can actually afford. However, the engagement ring must also carry a certain value that symbolises your relationship. An engagement ring of €400 can show little devotion and can imply stinginess.

What if I have a higher budget? Then you can easily opt for a ring of more than €7000 without putting financial pressure on your relationship. 

What Other Aspects are Important When Choosing the Right Ring?

Of course, choosing the perfect ring is much more than just paying the right price. An expensive engagement ring doesn’t equal happiness for you and your loved one.  Personal taste is particularly important for jewellery that she will wear the rest of her life. Therefore, make sure that you search within your budget for a ring that suits her completely and that she can easily combine with her other jewellery. You can look in her jewellery box for this.
Which ring should I choose for my proposal? Where can I find a high-quality ring that fits my budget? Ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice, with no obligation to purchase.
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