• The importance of the communion
  • What traditions are linked to the communion?
  • How to customise a bracelet?

The first communion is a great step on the path of faith, as is explained by its precise definition. It is a unique and important moment in a believer's life. It is notable for the first participation in the Eucharist.

The importance of the communion

Communion is a great moment in life, which should be marked with an exceptional gift, symbolic and timeless. While it is customary to offer a small piece of jewellery with a crucifix, a medal or a Bible, this time why not opt for a white gold bracelet? For an even more unique gift, consider customising the bracelet with the help of an expert jeweller.

The celebration of the first communion marks a great step towards the affirmation of faith; it is an essential step in the life of Christians. Generally, this sacrament is offered to children between the ages of 7 and 10, but some people may celebrate it at a later age.

In any event, it is above all a milestone, a memorable and unforgettable moment in the life of Christians. Communion is given to mark the beginning of a true relationship with Christ, because it is an opportunity to take part in the Eucharist.

Traditions linked to the communion

While the celebration of mass in church is hugely important, it is also customary to organise a small family party afterwards to mark this unforgettable day. It is often a family celebration notable for a meal or brunch based on a biblical theme. Communion is also an opportunity to offer gifts: to customise a bracelet, contact BAUNAT now.

Remember that this is an unforgettable moment in the life of the person who receives the communion. So it is customary to offer gifts, such as a medal, a cross or a Bible. For a unique and timeless gift, a customised white gold bracelet is a great idea.

A customised white gold bracelet as a gift

A gift is traditionally given to celebrate the communion day. Generally bibles or small medallions with effigies of Christ are given, but today you have the option of a magnificent bracelet in white gold, in a modern and timeless style.

A customised white gold bracelet is an exceptional piece of jewellery you can order from BAUNAT. It is also possible to customise the bracelet with a small message or have it engraved with important motifs or symbols. Just specify your wishes when ordering and you will have a unique and original communion gift!

Are you looking to customise a bracelet for a communion? Contact our expert jewellers who will take on your jewellery project. Mark the event with a lovely gift that you can customise as you wish in honour of the communion.

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