• In the English-speaking world, the average value is 2-3 net salaries
  • Diamonds are a valuable and stable investment
  • The value of an engagement ring also expresses how much you appreciate your partner

Do you want to propose to your loved one, but are unsure of how much money you should invest? In general, the engagement ring – or more precisely the diamond contained within it – should be somewhat more grandiose than too small. While the pure size plays a role in the sense of the carat weight, the quality is also determined by the colour, purity and cut. Nobody wants to be stingy, and an engagement is a unique event. On top of that, an engagement ring is not a classic consumer item, but rather a stable investment.

In the English-speaking world, the rule of thumb is three net monthly salaries; in 2017, according to statistical surveys, the average value of an engagement ring in the US was the equivalent of around €5500. In the US, the engagement ring is seen as a status symbol that reflects the future husband’s earnings. Furthermore, pictures of one’s own engagement ring are often widely shared on Facebook and other channels, and the ring is commonly shown to friends and family. An exception to this rule exists in the event that such a purchase could put one’s job in peril or land them in too much debt. In such cases, a monthly salary is considered appropriate.

In England, two to three net salaries are considered appropriate. The statistics that are available are not quite as up to date as for the US, but in 2007, the average value according to a study of a well-known insurance company in Great Britain was approximately €5200.

German men are generally very frugal, and the average amount they give out for an engagement ring is just under €1000 – not even a fifth of what is invested elsewhere and still rather modest when compared with other European countries.

Of course, rules with X number of monthly salaries are also influenced by the advertising of large diamond companies such as De Beers; they have contributed significantly to the establishment of these recommended values. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget: Even if the proposal itself is the most important thing, the value of the diamond ring literally conveys how high your level of appreciation for your partner is. It’s not a reason to go into debt, but a ring worth a few hundred euros is probably going to be perceived by most women as a disappointment. Economical thinking is a virtue, but it shouldn’t stand in the way of one of the most beautiful days of your life. Be bold: A beautiful engagement ring with a precious diamond is not only nice to look at, but also a sound choice in financial terms. Diamonds are a long-term investment that, even after years and decades, don’t lose their value – instead, it goes up.

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