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Festive make-up for any face shape

  • Festive cat-eyes and long or squared diamond earrings match a round-shaped face.
  • With a rather long-shaped face, choose for smokey eyes and short but wide earrings.
  • Do you have an oval-shaped face? Opt for natural make-up, combined with all types of diamond earrings, it will definitely make you shine.

  • 0.70 carat diamond design floral earrings in white gold From USD 2.100
    (excl. VAT)
  • 1.50 carat diamond princess earrings in white gold From USD 1.370
    (excl. VAT)
  • 2.90 carat diamond earrings in white gold From USD 5.040
    (excl. VAT)
  • 3.00 carat classic diamond earrings in white gold with four prongs From USD 650
    (excl. VAT)

Do you have a marriage, gala, concert or any other party coming up? Than you certainly want to look at your best! Choose an elegant outfit, fashionable shoes and a gorgeous handbag, but have you thought about your make-up and jewellery? The right pair of diamond earrings combined with festive make-up will make your face extra vivid. Discover here which earrings and make-up really suit your face shape and become the star of the evening.

Festive cat eyes for a rather round-shaped face.

Do you have a round-shaped face and are your cheekbones practically invisible? With a one-hue-darker foundation, you can give your face more contour. In combination with festive cat eyes and long or squared diamond earrings you will give a more oval look too your face. To create stunning cat eyes, start with black eyeliner and draw a thick line at the bottom of your upper-eyelid, now use the same one to follow your bottom eyelashes starting from the corner of your eye, don’t be afraid to accentuate your inner-eye-corner. Next, choose for a sparkling eye shadow in silver tones to finish it all. Gorgeous! Definitely when this make-up is combined with sparkling diamond earrings.

Daring smokey eyes for a rather long-shaped face.

Avoid vertical or upward lines if you have a longer face. Elongated diamond earrings will make your face look even longer. Opt for short but wide diamond earrings which will make your face more round. Draw with a black eye pencil a line at the upper and bottom eyelashes, continue on the inside. The upper one may definitely be thicker. Now blur this black line with a little brush upwards and to the sides. Add a sparkly anthracite eye shadow, or an eye shadow in another dark tone, which you blur until it has a nice overflow with the black line. Finish with an extreme mascara and a staggering pair of diamond earrings. You look like  a steal!

Soft accents for a harmonious oval-shaped face.

Is your face rather oval-shaped? Well, in this case you are very lucky! Your face is beautiful in harmony and you look gorgeous with a natural look. When you prepare yourself for an event, it’s enough to add a little bit of blush, blurred at the ends, to accentuate your cheekbones after using a soft foundation. Add a light eye shadow at the moving part of your eye-lid and a darker hue at the sides as an extra accent. Finish with a black mascara and use a natural lip-gloss. The shape of your face matches with all types of diamond earrings, so do not hesitate to try something new. Do avoid very long earrings that pass your chin. On the other hand, diamond stud earrings suit you perfectly and can be combined with any outfit.

Looking for the perfect pair of diamond earrings for a festive look? At BAUNAT you are at the right place. Are you interested or do you have any questions about a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us.

Written by: CHLOÉ POUPON-DUMONTET Diamond Jewellery Advisor

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