• How do you choose the right design?
  • How do the 4C’s influence the price?
  • Why should you avoid certain jewellery brands?
  • Why call on an expert?

A solitaire is a ring set with a single diamond which attracts all the attention. One of the most popular ring designs for a marriage proposal. But certainly not one of the cheapest. Would you like to buy a solitaire engagement ring for your loved one? These tips will allow you to conquer her heart with an affordable ring.

How do you choose the right design?

We recommend spending some time deciding on the design before you buy an engagement ring. By this we mean the precious metal and the design itself in which the ring is going to be made from. Yellow gold, white gold, red gold and platinum each have their own extraordinarily unique charm, but they also come with their own individual price tag. White gold and platinum may seem very similar at first sight, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This 2:57 minute video will explain the difference between white gold and platinum. Buying a white gold engagement ring is cheaper, but platinum is more durable and also hypoallergenic.

How do the 4C’s influence the price?

The 4C’s which describe the quality of the diamond determine the price of the diamond. When you are looking into buying a solitaire engagement ring, you will notice that the price proportionally evolves in accordance with these factors. There are various tips and tricks for optically making the diamond seem bigger.

But try not to compromise on quality! The solitaire engagement ring only has a single diamond and it goes without saying this needs to beautifully shine on your future wife’s hand.

Why should you avoid the major jewellery brands?

Why do the best known and largest jewellers charge more for the same quality? Customers unfortunately also pay for the brand name and the marketing which forms part of this. There’s no getting away from this. That’s why we recommend buying her engagement ring online. This will easily save you 30% to 50% off the purchase price.

For the same quality and service! After all, you will also be saving on the maintenance costs of physical shops, which are generally also incorporated in the jewellery.

Why call on an expert?

It goes without saying that buying an engagement ring isn’t a daily affair. And given the number of factors you need to consider, we would recommend acquiring some assistance from an expert in jewellery and diamonds. And you don’t need to visit a physical shop for this. You can also benefit from a great tailor-made service online.

BAUNAT’s experts can assist you by phone, email or chat. And, if so required, you can also make an appointment to visit the showroom. Take a look at the extensive collection of engagement rings here and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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