The average cost of a wedding in Belgium ranges between 12.500 and 17.000 euro. A staggering amount which drives more and more couples to look for original and affordable ways of organising their wedding, without losing any of the charm or romance involved.

The main principle of a do-it -yourself wedding is quite simple: if you’re somewhat creative you can seriously lower the cost of your wedding celebration. And above all, you can make your marriage as original and personal as you’d like. The money you save can be spent on a beautiful engagement ring for example, which doesn’t last just one day but forever.

Tips for an affordable wedding with class

Print works

Do you have a graphic designer or artist amongst your friends? Ask him or her to design beautiful name cards and invitations. Because the print work was done by someone you know well, the end result will be a lot more personal.

Wedding cake

Are you aunts fond of baking pies? Well then let them have the honour and joy of making you an impressive wedding cake. They’ll be delighted to do so, and it will save you another 300 euros. Not so keen on traditional cakes? Then get your friends to bake trunk-loads of cupcakes.

Wedding dress

Does your fiancée like antique or vintage? Getting married in your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress is a unique experience. It may very well fit her like a glove and look beautiful on her. There are also plenty of shops where you can find lovely used and vintage wedding dresses


If you’re somewhat creative, it won’t cost you a lot of effort to come up with your own wedding decorations. Surround yourself with friends and acquaintances and before you know it you’ll have devised an original concept. A theme, streamers, balloons, props,… Let your creativity run wild!

If you take matters into your own hands, it’ll soon save you thousands of euros. So perhaps you can still buy that gorgeous engagement ring! Need inspiration for a beautiful diamond engagement ring? We invite you to take a look at the online catalog of BAUNAT, in which we offer a wide variety of engagement rings at unbeatable prices.

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