Do you have the time? Or do you need to first delve into your handbag to find your Smartphone? Nowadays time is the ultimate luxury. Have the time on show on your wrist by choosing a stunning woman's watch in white gold.  Because, let's be honest: appearances also count! Women's timepieces are an absolute must-have accessory.

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How to wear an elegant woman's watch?

In recent years the trend of stylish women wearing a bracelet  in  combination with a watchhas noticeably risen. If you already wear a watch you can in fact choose which hand to wear a  bracelet  on. Wearing the bracelet on the other hand gives you more leeway. Be sure to avoid wearing a bracelet that is so wide that it detracts from the effect of the watch. Indeed, with a relatively wide watch it is best to opt for a thinner bracelet.
Woman with a watch on her left wrist, according to etiquette - BAUNAT
Whatever your style, gold is always a good choice for a woman's watch. White gold  suits women with cooler skin tones, whereas  yellow  and  red gold  are perfect for those with a warmer skin tone. Diamonds in your watch are always possible, of course.  These can be set on the glass edge, or on the hands.

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What arm should a woman wear her watch on?

Just as with an engagement ring  there is watch wearing etiquette too.  According to social rules you should wear your watch on your left wrist, although in actual fact, you must wear it on whichever wrist you prefer. There is however a sound reason for traditionally wearing a watch on the left wrist.  In the days before  quartz  or automatic watches, we had to wind our timepieces.  This was easier to do using our dominant hand. You see, around 90% of the world's population is right-handed. Making it logical therefore to wear a watch on the left wrist.  Today still, the buttons on most watches are on the right-hand side of the watch case.
Woman with BAUNAT watch on her left wrist, in line with etiquette
Right-handed people also use their right hand more, so wearing a watch on the right wrist could be cumbersome.  And the likelihood of damage is greater besides.

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Does this mean you shouldn't wear your watch on your right wrist? Certainly not. Left-handed people can wear their watch on their right wrist, absolutely.
Seeing that around 90% of the world's population is right-handed, timepieces are usually worn on the left wrist.  But above all else, it comes down to personal preference.

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The size of your timepiece

The greatest difference between women's and men's timepieces is their size.  If we take the  various components of a timepiece  we can see that the watch case diameter for women's timepieces equates on average to 20 - 28 mm. With  men's timepieces  the diameter ranges between 35 - 55 mm.  Also striking are the different styles between the genders. A woman's timepiece is often a slimmer rectangular or oval shape, whereas men's watches are mostly round.

Lovely examples of this are the Venezia and Pistoia from the Italian timepiece collection.  The premium quality, elegant, feminine diamond finish on these models draws the eye.

When to wear a woman's timepiece?

The biggest bonus of the women's watches from the Italian collection is that they are eminently suitable for everyday wear.  However, regular servicing of your timepiece is recommended.  If you don't intend to wear your woman's timepiece for a while, store it away safely to prevent it becoming damaged.

So, most people wear a watch on their left wrist, but at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.  Convinced of the added value of a classic BAUNAT 18 carat gold timepiece? Find the watch tailored to your needs in our collection now.

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So, a watch is mostly worn on the left wrist, but are you aware of the different models? What is the difference between a quartz and mechanical timepiece? How do I service my gold watch myself? Glean all you need to know in the following blogs.
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