A watch is an accessory that exudes style and class. Whether you're always late or on time; everyone deserves a stunning watch. Are you looking for a watch for yourself or as a gift for someone close to your heart? As a matter of fact: a gold watch is the ultimate timeless gift. But what is the better option, a mechanical or quartz watch? And, what internal mechanism functions of the timepiece should you take into account? We are delighted to guide you through the different collections and options, helping you to make a well-considered choice.

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Which watch suits me best and what colour watch will go with everything?

Logical, of course, is to choose a watch that complements your lifestyle to a tee. Do you appreciate craftsmanship and are you on the lookout for a timeless men's watch that can be worn on any occasion? If so, be sure to browse our Swiss collection. The elegance of these timepieces enhance to your suit to perfection.

The Italian collection is ideal for those looking for a more contemporary watch. This collection is more varied, making it easier to match the watch with your outfit.

Your complexion and wardrobe palette will determine your choice of precious metal and strap. BAUNAT offers a choice of three types of gold for the case and the watch strap. Moreover, there is a choice between elegant leather straps in premium calf leather or alligator leather, whichever takes your fancy. Which look appeals to you, a sporty or refined one?

Watch types

In general there are two types of watches, quartz and mechanical watches.
Quartz timepieces offer unbeatable price/quality ratio, whereas mechanical timepieces prove that true beauty lies within

A quartz watch

A yellow gold quartz watch. BAUNAT helps you choose a watch
A quartz watch is powered by a battery . The name derives from the quartz crystals that vibrate to consequently create the hand movement.

Quartz watches are ideal for everyday use .

Leaving you to enjoy a watch that boasts highly accurate timekeeping.

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A mechanical watch

BAUNAT helps you choose your mechanical watch
Mechanical watches are subdivided into two categories. An automatic mechanical timepiece harnesses energy through the natural motion of the wearer's wrist. In contrast, a manual mechanical timepiece must be wound via the crown.

The complexity and craftsmanship of this type of timepiece does involve more upkeep.

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Choosing the style that suits you best

After we've talked about the different types of watches, we'll look at the various styles of watches. Key is that you choose the right style to match your lifestyle. This way you'll have a watch that lasts longer and gives pleasure for longer.

There are many different styles to choose from:

  • Chronograph watch: this has an extra feature, a stopwatch
  • GMT watch: this timepiece has an extra 24-hour format hand
  • Moonphase watch: this tracks the moon's status, based on the calendar display
  • Day/night watch: this indicates whether it is night or day
  • Dive watch: one of the few water resistant watches
  • Pilot watch: designed especially for pilots with various additional sub dials
  • Field watch: a military watch designed to withstand a range of weather conditions
  • Smart watches: the newest watch type around that can connect with your Smartphone

Certain designs go hand in hand with a watch brand. The BAUNAT Italian collection features, among others, watches with a chronograph and tachymeter.

Choosing the right components and materials for your watch

When selecting a watch featuring the right look that complements your lifestyle, be sure to pay attention to your watch's anatomy. The precious metals you choose for your watch case and the material you select for your watch strap will help determine the look and durability of your timepiece.
Although timepieces literally must go along with the times, your preference lies with a timeless, stylish design with qualitative, durable materials

The watch case

Choose the right materials for your watch case
As standard, BAUNAT uses 18 carat gold for the watch case. Irrespective of whether you opt for yellow, white or red gold. The colour naturally depends on your personal preference and what matches your complexion and wardrobe.
Are quality and durability key factors in your decision-making? If so, be sure to look at the glass type. Plexiglass is the popular mass-produced choice of material. The benefit being it is exceptionally hard wearing, but does unfortunately scratch easily. Durable materials are a given at BAUNAT. All the BAUNAT Italian collection watches feature mineral glass, and the Swiss watches feature sapphire glass.

Your watch strap

Similarly, there are different options available to you for the watch strap. Irrespective of your final watch strap choice, please bear in mind that they are all susceptible to wear and tear. So it is important to opt for quality and durability. Certainly with frequent wear .
Opting for high quality is definitely recommended for the watch strap
Therefore select a robust type of leather, for example, calf leather (Italian collection) or alligator leather (Swiss collection). Naturally, you can choose a gold watch, the BAUNAT Italian collection includes a few such models. By choosing a gold watch with a gold strap, you are opting for a timeless classic. Be it white gold, yellow gold or red gold; your watch can be worn on all occasions.

Determining the right watch size

When choosing a watch it is vital to consider its size
Besides choosing the right colour or materials, the watch's size is also a key choice to make. There are three things to take into account: the size of the watch case, the thickness of the watch case and the width of the strap.
Your watch's ideal size can be worked out by measuring your wrist circumference. The wider the wrist, the bigger the watch case can be. When is a watch too big? That's down to you to decide. Watches measuring more than 46mm aren't worn as often, but if you're looking to make a fashion statement, go ahead, go large! Watch cases measuring less than 38mm are less commonplace in men's watches. Needless to say, the thickness of the watch case coincides with its size. The bigger the case, the thicker it will be.

As standard, the watch strap is half the width of the watch case. Although, this might not be the case, depending on the watch type selected. Be sure to take the above-mentioned points into consideration. You want your watch to reflect your style, and that's only possible if you choose the right watch size.

Watch servicing

Whichever watch you opt for, proper servicing will ensure you can enjoy it for a long time to come. Servicing is particularly important with mechanical timepieces. A professional servicing is recommended every two years.

Over and above that you will need to look after the watch yourself too. Try to avoid contact with water and hard surfaces as much as you can. Leather straps are best maintained by regularly rubbing a dry cotton cloth over them. Never try to clean your timepiece yourself using a toothbrush.

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The BAUNAT watch collections

Are you looking for the perfect men's watch? If so you have come to the right place at BAUNAT. Look no further, and browse our watch collection to find your favourite one. Do you still have questions, having read this article? Ask your question right now to the BAUNAT experts by email, over the phone, by live chat, or pop into one of our showrooms.

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You now know how to choose the perfect watch and what to look out for. Would you like to find out more? Read on below.

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