• Where can I find the best quality for her ring?
  • How can I be sure of the authenticity?
  • What if I would like a little assistance and guidance? 

It goes without saying you want to buy the perfect engagement ring for your marriage proposal. Not one that’s ten a penny, but something truly unique. And preferably without spending hours or days scouring various different jewellers. Perfectly understandable! That’s why it’s been possible to buy an engagement ring online for a number of years. Are you a little unsure of this? Worried you won’t be able to expect the same level of quality, authenticity or help as you would in a physical shop? Not once you have read these three arguments!

Where can I find the best quality for her ring?

It goes without saying you want to be sure of the quality of the precious metal and the diamond. You will be able to find the same quality with an online jeweller as you would in a physical shop, but for a lower price. After all, physical sales points cost money. And these costs for the building, shop windows, electricity etc, will be incorporated in the price you pay. Buying an engagement ring online is therefore an average of 30% to 50% cheaper.

You can look at the quality labels on the online jeweller’s homepage, in order to eliminate any doubt. Can you see the EMOTA or SAFESHOPS.BE hallmark? Then you can rest assured the e-shop is completely safe.

How can I be sure of the authenticity?

Do you attach importance to craftsmanship and authenticity? Then the place where you buy your jewellery is subordinate to its origin. Antwerp is the diamond capital. But that doesn’t mean you need to come to Antwerp. Items of jewellery which were handmade in Antwerp have also found their way to the worldwide web.

The accompanying certificate, prepared by independent laboratories, is what you need to consult to know about the diamond’s authenticity. You will also receive this certificate, with all possible quality characteristics, when you decide to buy an engagement ring online.

What if I would like a little assistance and guidance?

Just because you want to save time by buying an engagement ring online, doesn’t mean you can’t rely on professional advice. You can ask just as many questions via chat, email or telephone as you would to a sales person who is looking over your shoulder. Plus this way you will receive more targeted advice and less sales chat.

Would you still rather look at a piece of jewellery in person before making a purchase decision? Then combine the advantages of an online shop with the benefits of a showroom visit by appointment.

You will soon see: buying an engagement ring online certainly has its advantages! Plus you can also enjoy a 30 day cooling off period without any further purchase obligation. This will allow you to find the perfect ring in BAUNAT’s extensive collection of engagement rings.

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