You are so excited about the upcoming Christmas celebrations that you have already bought almost all your presents and have already picked the perfect outfit for your Christmas dinner.

Now is the time to think about accessorising and in particular about jewellery. You need to think about the style of jewellery that is going to adorn you and complement your outfit for the best Christmas celebrations. We often speak about earrings and rings for Christmas but not enough about necklaces, which is why this time we are going to help you choose the perfect festive gold necklace to go with your outfit.

  • Right necklace for the right neckline
  • Ideal metal colour

Right necklace for the right neckline

One of the main things that needs to be taken into account when buying a necklace, is the neckline of the dress or top that you intend to wear it with. There are a few rules that you need to follow, and it can be considered a fashion faux-pas if you do not.

If you choose a bold necklace to make a statement, it works perfectly with simple and one colour tops or dresses. If this necklace is colourful, it is best to wear it with either contrasting colours, complementary colours or just black. If on the other hand it is entirely made of metal and one colour such as gold or silver, then any colour dress is fine but then you need to consider the neckline carefully.

Bear in mind that the perfect necklines for bold striking necklaces are the V-neck, the scoop neck or a strapless dress as you do want to focus attention on the necklace.

If you are looking for something more discreet but still beautiful and sparkly, then gold layered chain necklaces can look very charming or eventually gold diamond pendants can look very glamorous. The important thing is to ensure that the look remains tasteful and there are not too many layers so that it remains light.

Ideal metal colour

The metal colour for your gold necklace is very important too, depending on the desired effect.

White gold is often chosen by women who like the elegant and modern look of white gold. It is a lovely option for winter as it reminds you of the snow and light blue skies of the winter.

Yellow and red gold, on the other hand, are chosen by women who prefer warmer colours that emit a certain glow and remind them of the warm Christmas colours, the lights and the cosy atmosphere by the fire.

Do you already have an idea of which gold necklace you wish to buy for your Christmas dinner? BAUNAT is a leading online jewellery company that offers a wonderful collection of gold necklaces in white, yellow or red gold and even platinum.

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